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  1. Yesterday they were offering of four hand massage. I texted them and they did not reply for 3 or 4 hours .I sent another text with a "? " And then she replied to me "obviously if we don't reply it means we were busy". .......With an attitude like that I don't want anything to do with either of those two girls!
  2. I don't need to collect any reviews. I have been operating the group since 2015 and use sources from other than that group to accumulate the information I need. The only reason I collect reviews is to make sure you're capable of leaving one. Some people are better than others at posting reviews if you know what I mean. If people don't post reviews in the group there's no point in having a group.
  3. Just means was hard to find your name because of dumb spelling
  4. This hobby....It's like buying a car. The test drives are more fun.
  5. If you join the group and don't post regularly.....don't expect to remain in the group.....no camping out!!
  6. I have come across some incredible talent in the last 7 years. Sometimes the 1 st visit was with not leaving happy. But the 10th visit was more than I could ever would have imagined. That is the fun part of the hobby.
  7. Lots of new posts. If nobody posts, there is no reason to have a private group. If your not active don't ask to join.
  8. Just don't send me a message saying I want to join your group. Send a review along with it.
  9. Send me a review of your last visit and I will invite you to join the group. But if you don't reviews in the group you will be deleted
  10. The whole point of joining the group is to post your experiences. If you don't want to do that why would you ask to join?
  11. Still having technical issues. Seems no mods current or very limited.
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