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  1. usernametaken

    Grassy lakes

    Lots of options in that area👍
  2. usernametaken


    I believe Krystal is the only one working at Southpointe?
  3. usernametaken

    Best Teasing

    Never thought she got into full hj and touching.
  4. usernametaken


    Tiny. But workable.
  5. usernametaken

    Relaxation Massage - 841 Henderson

    Hey siri. Can you talk dirty in Chinese?
  6. usernametaken

    Relaxation Massage - 841 Henderson

    Hmmmm suitable🤔🤔
  7. usernametaken


    Leveled up her game? What do you mean?
  8. usernametaken


    That's the group that usually hands out condoms to the low track prostitutes
  9. usernametaken

    Kitty on Kijiji

    Gone back to Toronto.
  10. usernametaken

    Spring Oriental Health Centre

    And nothing to report on means no info for the rest of us. (Which is what this forum is about)😫
  11. usernametaken

    Spring Oriental Health Centre

    Seems that they have been open all along. I have not been for many years also. Just seems that nobody posts about their experience I'm assuming because nobody from the board really goes that often.
  12. usernametaken

    Best Teasing

    Krystal at Southpointe?
  13. usernametaken

    Best Teasing

    She was her roomate for a short time👍😉 good times!!
  14. usernametaken

    Glam Body - Relaxation Massage

    St Mary's rd
  15. usernametaken