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  1. usernametaken

    Winnie - Main St.

    The Vicky I saw at 741 was not Winnie. Guess they had more then one Vicki working there.
  2. usernametaken

    Winnie - Main St.

    Winnie was not Vicki.
  3. usernametaken

    832 Notre Dame

    According to the ad there's about 25 girls working there
  4. usernametaken

    Judy on John Angus

    Can I just go for the $10 shower ?
  5. usernametaken

    Deep throat

    Massage providers that provide deep throat is probably not a good thread on a public forum.
  6. usernametaken

    Relaxation Massage - 841 Henderson

    Be careful the hairdresser is the owner
  7. usernametaken

    Relaxation Massage - 841 Henderson

    Ya Betty III
  8. usernametaken

    Sakura Spa

    I see the $50 special is over. Sign on Saint Marys Avenue says $60 now.
  9. usernametaken

    Relaxation Massage - 841 Henderson

    Maybe it was Betty3
  10. usernametaken


    Okay thanks I think I know who you are talking a out.....she sometimes posts as available.
  11. usernametaken


    Do you have a link to the Kijiji ad?
  12. usernametaken

    Respect for Therapists

    This thread has more talk than any other review thread. ☹
  13. usernametaken

    Kitty on Kijiji

    Was she tall or short ?
  14. usernametaken

    Respect for Therapists

    Not everybody has common sense🤔
  15. usernametaken

    Kitty on Kijiji

    Which Corydon?