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  1. usernametaken

    So which Asian place

  2. usernametaken

    Kitty on Kijiji

    This doesn't surprise me. 2 girls working out of this place is a recipe for disaster.
  3. usernametaken

    Kitty on Kijiji

    Each one has a different ad One Tina One kitty
  4. usernametaken

    Kitty on Kijiji

    So you booked Kitty. But saw someone else? Most guys would have been quite upset if this was to happen.
  5. usernametaken

    Judy on John Angus

  6. usernametaken

    Judy on John Angus

    Yup same girl👌
  7. usernametaken

    Any body try this Sara yet?

    Basically A good rule of thumb for a four-hand massage is they double the massage room fee and then you just tip the girls as you normally would. 50 massage would be 100 for 2 girls.
  8. usernametaken

    Sakura Spa

    If that is the case then who is left at 353?
  9. usernametaken

    Balmoral - Lee

    Is she the old gal?
  10. usernametaken

    Sakura Spa

    Yes I agree everything seems to be opening in the south side of town I wonder if it has to do with many of the Asians moving into the Bridgewater area?
  11. usernametaken

    Any body try this Sara yet?

    Both on leo list ad.
  12. usernametaken

    Judy on John Angus

    Used to be Alice on Henderson. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/winnipeg/hi-only30-relax-your-fullbody-now/1432431952?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  13. usernametaken

    Any body try this Sara yet?

    Berlyn or Sara ?
  14. usernametaken

    Any body try this Sara yet?

    I think this thread is confusing . people are talking about Sarah and some are talking about Berlin they are two different people.
  15. usernametaken

    312 Balmoral

    Do you remember who you saw?