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  1. VOGUE Iza - filipina 36 tiny Dora - ? Malika - 30 plump hj
  2. Always did hj with Annie. She was such a nice lady. You had to be a regular though. I got to know her well!!
  3. Repeat business is how you grow a business, just saying
  4. Nothing doing since Lily left
  5. Pretty vague ad by a 50 yr old. Helps to provide a link. https://ohmy.ca/winnipeg/adult/body-rubs/peaceful-relaxation-by-mature-female_1281510.html PM 's don't help. This is a review board!
  6. Yesterday they were offering of four hand massage. I texted them and they did not reply for 3 or 4 hours .I sent another text with a "? " And then she replied to me "obviously if we don't reply it means we were busy". .......With an attitude like that I don't want anything to do with either of those two girls!
  7. I don't need to collect any reviews. I have been operating the group since 2015 and use sources from other than that group to accumulate the information I need. The only reason I collect reviews is to make sure you're capable of leaving one. Some people are better than others at posting reviews if you know what I mean. If people don't post reviews in the group there's no point in having a group.
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