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  1. )User, I've been thinking about what just happened to my membership in the club.  I was trying to leave the club and return to the main forum and I think I hit the "Leave Club" button, inadvertently and apparently cancelling my membership.  So it was probably my fault.  However, I'm not going to try it again to find out for sure.  I'll leave that up to you if you want.  M.

  2. Hi, usernametaken.  Somehow, I seem to be no longer a member of this club.  Is it something I said? lol.  M.

  3. usernametaken

    Elisabeth Spa

    Its pm's that keep the thread from growing thus leaving newcomers without info. I think the new design of this site is great and has kind of rejuvenated a lot of interest in the massage scene in Winnipeg. If more people could discreetly share good information .....this forum would continue to be even more invaluable for all of us.
  4. usernametaken

    Ness Location

    Think she just added a second person doing ligitimate massage therapy.
  5. There was a section on the old profile that used to be called my notes. I had made some private notes on there is there any chance we will be getting these back?
  6. usernametaken

    Forever Massage, Susan

    If I decide to go somewhere it is to see a specific Girl based on the reviews that I have seen here. This is why I usually avoid this place....forever.
  7. usernametaken

    Forever Massage, Susan

    That's basically how the owner runs things......
  8. usernametaken

    Forever Massage, Susan

    So just ask for #31?......this would be better than trying to remember names. 31 and 41 combo please😉
  9. usernametaken

    Any Alternatives to Viagra and Cialis?

    Watermelon watermelon watermelon! Exercise and lose a few pounds.
  10. usernametaken

    come relax

    Might have to move that post to the advertising thread.
  11. usernametaken


    Younger than what?
  12. usernametaken

    Forever Massage, Susan

    Foofer who is better than Susan at Forever?
  13. usernametaken

    Forever Massage, Susan

    Could be the famous "Rose" who has worked at many places. They like to advertise someone who is popular then switch when you arrive.
  14. usernametaken

    561 Broadway

    Others work here?
  15. usernametaken


    Pretty tough to find someone who would replace her. She checked the boxes for all categories.