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  1. usernametaken

    Studio 553

    You can always start a new thread.
  2. usernametaken

    Studio 553

    You are correct...my bad. Very confusing.
  3. usernametaken

    Studio 553

    Depends what you like. Some guys like cute girls. Some like a quality massage. Some like good price. Everyone is different.
  4. usernametaken

    Studio 553

    Both attractive .
  5. usernametaken

    Studio 553

    As far as i know....
  6. usernametaken

    Nuru worth it?

    It is interesting how most guys say the same thing. They all say it was worth trying it but they will not repeat. Which is probably one of the reasons I have not tried it.
  7. usernametaken

    Forever Massage, Susan

    Cheaper to keep the name than buying new signs.
  8. usernametaken

    Forever Massage, Susan

    This site definitely has better information on the Winnipeg massage scene.
  9. usernametaken

    Forever Massage, Susan

    Sounds more like the landlord was smart enough to not renew the lease. But what I am really curious about is how is she able to use the same name of the company (Body Matrix ) which was previously in that location. Obviously somebody has the rights to the company Body Matrix.
  10. usernametaken

    Sara 832 Corydon

    Thats normal they always do the bait and switch.
  11. usernametaken

    609 Sargent

    I feel the same way. Sunny is a favorite but I will not go to Forever massage and I have never been to 832 Corydon and will not. Unfortunately there are so many customers going there There is not much we can do about it. I don't like the fact that there is a school close to 712 Saint Marys Avenue and neighbors right behind
  12. usernametaken

    609 Sargent

    712 and 832 and 3000 have flooded kijiji with ads and her competition is not too happy about that. 2 owners have told me this.
  13. usernametaken

    Yuan Yuan 2018

    Since the new owners took over there is no HE. Phoenix massage used to be in this building but they moved to main st.
  14. usernametaken

    609 Sargent

    Betty from Sargeant has moved to 832 Corydon. She still uses the same name.
  15. usernametaken

    Favourite massage

    Looks? Personality? There are definitely lots of things to consider remember beauty is in the eye of the beerholder. Sunny was very good it's too bad she's working at Forever massage.