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  1. Phoned today there is girl name Anne anyone seen her
  2. Went and saw Brittany yesterday. Friendly lady and decent massage, Was draped and tuck in during the entire massage
  3. I went and say her yesterday. Very pretty girl around 24 years. Her massage is a bit different. Uses stretching, deep massage and hot stones. If you are looking for something different check her out. Was draped through the massage. take care
  4. Sorry to hear about your Dad. And I agree 100% with you. Just wondering if one of the child unvaccinated person died. How they would feel the rest of life wondering if they where the cause.
  5. Total agree. Those who do not choose to get vaccinated the hospitals are closed for them. The amount of backloads of surgeries that need to done is completely stupidity. People health are in jeopardy. What about the rights of people dying because of these idiots.
  6. Notice they are offering a 4 hand massage. Has anybody been there lately with any information? If you want you can PM thanks
  7. Sorry but I did not catch her name. She was older lady gave good massage. Have not been back since
  8. Went to 841 nice massage and had a good time
  9. Yes I have been there. Mature lady gives good massage plus puts in a good effort making you happy. If you enjoy backside play she is good at this.
  10. I agree with you. Now is time to pull back especially with the inquiries into the vaccines.
  11. I saw her couple years ago for a massage. Was okay but felt she was a bit on money hungry. Did not repeat but she is worth to check out
  12. Well said livewire it is just not worth it right now take care.
  13. I agree one hundred percent. It is time for all of us to make the correct decision. Stay healthy everybody.
  14. Autmnwood Drive is in Windsor park if that is what you are looking for
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