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  1. Well said livewire it is just not worth it right now take care.
  2. I agree one hundred percent. It is time for all of us to make the correct decision. Stay healthy everybody.
  3. Autmnwood Drive is in Windsor park if that is what you are looking for
  4. Was here before Christmas and was good. Saw Sophie and she likes to make you feel happy. Not the most beautiful lady but I am not Brad Pitt. The play was cleaner that I did read about. Not bad overall
  5. I would say Tracy on Henderson great tease from the backside
  6. Used to see Mary on Henderson Hwy. She did great tease from backside
  7. I have been there also. The same results no HE but massage was very good and lots of close teasing
  8. Went and saw Alice. Great work from the backside. Would repeat. Anyone knows of girl that likes to work you from the backside? Thanks
  9. I have been to this establishment couple of times. I had ask if it would be okay not to be drape but was told no. Although this was a while back so perhaps they change this rule. There was zero chance of he so have not been back has anyone else been there with a different experience?
  10. thanks for the warning. I have been there a couple of times first when she open and thought it would not be long until neighbors noticed. Also she does much to close to each others wonder if she even has a chance to change the sheets
  11. can anyone tell me if they had any luck with Slimi on St. Annes and if so with who? Please PM if you want or post here thanks
  12. Check it out this week. There where a couple of ladies and did not catch her name. She was hard to understand her English. The massage I got was not that good and there was no he. Just wondering if anyone has had a different experience. If so what was her name thanks
  13. went to Pembina yesterday was nice seen Cindy. Did leave happy except you are right on Pemina and you can hear the traffic
  14. where on Pembina is this place and what is the name thanks
  15. I did phone today and someone did answer the phone and they do offer massage
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