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  1. Just moved out to Edmonton and was looking for any recos out here, preferably for the west end, MA or SP. Thanks!
  2. Interested as well if anyone has any info:)
  3. Last Friday (June 26th) was oddly slow but lots of new girls since my last visit. If you like tattoos, there was a super hot heavily tatted girl (name slips my mind as I was focussing on her impressive rack), but she was in heavy demand and missed the chance for a visit to the CR:( I was trying to find a fave from a while back but didn't see her. Mulatto girl average height and super fun in the CR but forgot her name (I suck at names, lol). Does anyone know if she is still there or what her stage name is so I can ask, lol. http://pigale.com/wp-content/gallery/girls/pigale-girls-61.jpg Will head back this Friday and hope for a chance with her or tats for sure:D Pigales never fails to amaze, but CR is definitely a bit more tame than in the past, but I missed the daytime which usually has some more fun IMO.
  4. TheRubicon

    jessica lee

    Wow, incredible body!!
  5. I did some research on this a while back for a book I am working on which should be completed in the year 2087 at the rate I'm going. The publisher approach can work, but they tend to ask for exclusivity periods when you submit for review, meaning it can take years to shop around. The self publish approach is doable, but if the book does well, can be problematic if you use a self publish feature on Google, or just expensive to market and produce if you use a vanity publisher. Most recommendations were to go with an agent who can get your submission to folks likely to take a serious look, although you have to sign away some rights too. Toronto has some well respected agencies for non-fiction printing Canadian based books, but if it is general, recommendations were largely to try an agent in the US.
  6. I really liked Windows 8 and was a a devout Windows user, but finally got sick of the OEMs who keep pumping out the same crap that never works. Finally defected to Apple and won't turn back. Hardware works as it should and software is simple and easy, and as fstop says, free now. Also has internal photo/video editing and an online beta which is fully compatible with Office. Never going back now! P.S. I hate you Samsung....you and your shitty tech support!
  7. I agree, Hennessey is a great girl. I've seen her a couple of times, at the BF and before when she was at the Den.
  8. TheRubicon


    Great pic, you look scrumptious
  9. Likely something as simple as normal login cookie placement plus the subject matter of the website. Kaspersky has a large database of websites which they group and test on to provide generalized protection. CERB because of the content likely falls into a general category which associates the cookie/sex combo to likely phishing attempts, which is usually the case when averaged out over the entirety of the internet. Just a hunch though:D
  10. Went to the Playmate for the first time the other day. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. It was clean and the staff was very friendly (only one kind of bizarre/aggressive dancer). A few great looking girls, unfortunately not a lot of time there as I was on the clock, but Mia looked fantastic and was a pleasure to chat with and Adora(?) was amazing looking. Look forward to returning as a change of pace from Pigale!
  11. Always carry a flagon of whiskey in case of snakebite, and furthermore always carry a small snake. W.C. Fields
  12. Wow, great...ahem assets;)
  13. Hi there, heading up to TO in the Thornhill/Markham area. Any good sp reco's please let me know, PMs welcome! I've checked general reco's but not sure who's active in that area. Also, any info on good SCs would be welcome as well:)
  14. Good post Gabriella. I use this all the time after a client showed me how simple it is. I push my clients all the time now to use this method as its super secure, simple and importantly, way cheaper in terms of fees than are wire transfers or PayPal (must be with a Canadian bank though).
  15. TheRubicon

    playful Vienns

    I love the outfit, you look awesome!!
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