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  1. I have been using All Activity under Activity to check for new posts. To be honest, I find it a bit too "open" in that you can see exactly who reacts to which post, who follows who etc apart from new posts added. I would have preferred to see only activities on new posts to check for new additions instead of All Activity. Information on who follows who is available when you access the profile pages.
  2. Luckyme

    Stealing names

    Before it gets too far out of hand, I feel like I need to chime in. I came to know kitten_kinkie about two years ago. When she joined CMJ as an MA a few months ago, I remember seeing her name as Kitten in some of CMJ's advertisements. I also followed her on her twitter account where she's also very active. When I saw the new KItten appeared on lyla recently, I thought it was the original Kitten (Kitten_Kinkie) of CMJ. It turned out that the new lady didn't realise there was a Kitten already and she was very receptive of changing her user name when I informed her in our PM conversation. While it is true that one cannot register a user name if it exists already, the problem could have started when CMJ neglected to register their original Kitten on lyla. I hope the issue could be resolved amicably with no escalation.
  3. Thank you for the follow, Kitten.  Shoot me a line if you have any questions.

    Welcome to lyla again!

  4. Another big welcome back!  Hope very soon!! :classic_biggrin:

  5. Luckyme


    It seems Adéle is planning a grand return! She has been testing on twitter and promised a new update soon. https://twitter.com/ElementumSpa/with_replies
  6. I totally agree. I posted the following on the other thread, and the cerbmod did acknowledge it, but it hasn't been brought back yet. Hope it would be done soon. In the recommendation section, an option to search for a particular SP's or an MA's recommendation post using an alphabetic list was available in the old version but doesn't seem to be available in the new version. Now it seems one has to go through page by page to search for a particular lady. This is a very useful feature and I hope it will be brought back.
  7. I think a star signifies there is a new post ( or many ) in a thread you have participated in previously, whereas a dot means there's a new post in a thread you haven't posted anything.
  8. Luckyme

    John McCain dead at 81

    Before he passed away, he asked that Trump not be invited to his funeral to give his eulogy. Instead, Bush and Obama were to be invited to show that he didn't harbour any ill-will towards them even though he was defeated by them in the party nomination and presidential race. He was a classy and decent man. RIP.
  9. Sorry, the above seems to work only if the PM you have written to someone is the first PM. After that, there doesn't seem to have a "Not read yet" indication even if you have written a new message back. Hope the mod. can improve on that.
  10. Here it goes- once you have logged in, at the top of your profile page, beside your handle, click on the envelop icon. A list will show up with all the PMs ( organised in a dialogue format) you have written with the other person. Click on the dialogue you are interested in, it will open up with all private messages exchanged between you and the addressee. You will see this line near the top - 2 members active in this conversation (including you) Just below you will see two handles - the person you are corresponding with and your own, assuming that you are corresponding with only one other person. If you have written to that person ( the addressee) and want to know if they have read your message or not, it will indicate under that person's handle. It will read - "Read x hrs ago" if the message has been read, and " Not read yet" . Kind of winded, but hope it helps.
  11. This, plus one other feature I like best is an indication if someone you sent a PM to has read it or not yet.
  12. Luckyme

    Woodroffe and Baseline

    It's been a while, but if my memory serves me correctly, Sweet Emily J used to have her incall around that area. Not sure now though.
  13. Luckyme


    I agree with NJ. Based on my experience, this is a highly YMMV activity and therefor, emailing may not get you an answer. Chances are higher when the lady knows you better after the first encounter. Being respectful, gentle, hygienic and your will to please her will go a long way to obtain your goal.
  14. Luckyme

    What would you do with 4K?

    Easy! 😉 I'd book an out of town spa and resort, invite my favorite lady to spend a few days with me. We'd go for duo massage, a long hike every day, enjoy great food at different restaurants, and... of course, some intimate time whenever we feel like it.
  15. Luckyme

    Recommendation Page

    It seems you have been a member since 2014, but you didn't have the required number of posts which I think is 5. I went by the number on your profile page. Now, with your last post, you have reached 6 and your moderation should be removed by the mod. shortly... hopefully. 😉