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  1. Same here. Haven't had the opportunity to meet this lovely lady who is on leave at the moment.
  2. Doesn't look like she's enjoying it! lol..
  3. Luckyme

    Frequency of seeing providers

    For the last couple of years, it's once a week. Occassionally, I squeeze in another encounter in about once a month.
  4. WTF, getting another phone call from "Canada Revenue Agency", asking to call back with my Social Insurance Number, ready!! Yeah right! Hope the RCMP will get all of you a*sholes in your country!
  5. See you soon, sweetheart! 😊


    1. Eva3340


      I like what I see now haha!

    2. Luckyme


      Uh oh!  Naughty naughty!  😘

  6. Aww! thats cute.

    you're awesome! ❤️😘

    1. Luckyme



  7. You are my sunshine.... my only sunshine....
    You make me happy when skies are grey......

    You make me happy whenever I see you, babe!   You're simply the best! Mwah mwah...







  9. Luckyme

    DSC 3285

    Just beautiful!
  10. Luckyme

    Android box

    If you search on Kijiji, you'll find some local as well as some GTA dealers.
  11. I like your webpage too!  



  12. Another lovely session - as always! 😊

    Thank you, sweetheart!  xoxo


  13. I had pointed that out previously and so far no result yet, unfortunately.
  14. I have been using All Activity under Activity to check for new posts. To be honest, I find it a bit too "open" in that you can see exactly who reacts to which post, who follows who etc apart from new posts added. I would have preferred to see only activities on new posts to check for new additions instead of All Activity. Information on who follows who is available when you access the profile pages.
  15. Luckyme

    Stealing names

    Before it gets too far out of hand, I feel like I need to chime in. I came to know kitten_kinkie about two years ago. When she joined CMJ as an MA a few months ago, I remember seeing her name as Kitten in some of CMJ's advertisements. I also followed her on her twitter account where she's also very active. When I saw the new KItten appeared on lyla recently, I thought it was the original Kitten (Kitten_Kinkie) of CMJ. It turned out that the new lady didn't realise there was a Kitten already and she was very receptive of changing her user name when I informed her in our PM conversation. While it is true that one cannot register a user name if it exists already, the problem could have started when CMJ neglected to register their original Kitten on lyla. I hope the issue could be resolved amicably with no escalation.