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    44EE, all natural curvy,busty, caramel skinned beauty. Small BBW, very attractive and passionate. Skilled and experienced. Try me if you dare...I am addictive.
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    25 year old bad girl. Latina. New to Ottawa

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  1. evamarie

    spring has sprung

  2. evamarie

    what are you doing at this very minute?

    Sitting in my office, looking out the window, hoping the weather gets better before I have to leave....
  3. evamarie

    Shit!!! I've fucked up

    I recently had to go to the courthouse with a friend. I carry a large Coach bag, and it literally has EVERYTHING in it. Any who, there was a high profile trial going on, and they had the metal detecters and CT Scanners that everyone had to go through. So I put my purse in the basket to go through the CT Scanner,and I walk through the metal detecter and of course, my bag had to be checked because the officer said there was a pair of tweezers in my bag. So the officer empties out my bag to find these tweezers, but ends up finding my GIANT 8.5 INCH HOT PINK DILDO. Not only did he find my dildo, he waved around for everyone in the lobby of the courthouse to see. I think I died, resurrected myself, and died again. The worst part, it took the officer about 20 seconds to realize what he was waving around. Needless to say, he totally forgot about the tweezers. F.M.L. lol
  4. evamarie

    highlights of the day

    Had a few laughs and drinks with some beautiful ladies today, it doesnt get any better than that!
  5. evamarie

    Turn-offs for a lady

    I think it burns me to my soul when someone tries to negotiate or guilt trip me on the things I DON'T do.....If i dont do something, I dont do it for a reason. Those, "Come on, I will be gentle" or those "I really would love it if we do_____" really turn me off. Mutual respect is so important if were going to have an amazing encounter and when I feel objectified, it throws me for a loop.
  6. evamarie

    Turning 53

    Dont know who you should have BUT, you can never go wrong with some cheese cake, lol.....Hope you have a wonderful cake day!
  7. evamarie

    For Bacon Lovers

    Bacon Lube huh? I don't know if this makes me hungry or horny......
  8. evamarie

    highlights of the day

    I slept in........I had a wonderful lunch with some friends and finally, I got some really good news that I was not expecting!
  9. evamarie

    Question about make up for the ladies

    I have had a few regulars that were make up savvy and requested certain color eye shadows, lipstick, and even eyeliner wings. I have even coordinated my hair color changes with one of my regulars. I think it adds to the fantasy, and fun. I also find that it keeps meetings fun and interesting.
  10. Both my coffee and my tea have to be light and sweet
  11. evamarie

    What Month Are You ?

    July= Hottie I agree with that lol
  12. "Sin City" would be the movie title that I would use to describe my sex life.
  13. evamarie

    help with abreviations

    I didn't even know all the meanings of these abbreviations until I came across this post.