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  1. Went to see the wonderful Elissa tonight and wow, she's a triple threat! Beautiful, sexy, and talented. If you like petite then she's your lady. Her behind is stunning and her ladies are firm, natural and bigger than you'd expect for someone as slender and petite as she is. In terms of her abilities, she knows what she's doing. I only wish I would of seen her for longer because it was worth every minute and I'll be anxiously awaiting her return! She was in a good location at an upscale hotel and her room was clean and in order. She greeted and parted me at the door with a nice hug and kind words with her lovely accent. Do yourself a favour and go see her before she's gone and definitely see her if she returns!
  2. Stay away from this one!! Unless you're looking to get ripped off..I am going to write a post about her shortly. Bait and switch plus guy showed up and climbed in through the window
  3. Met Licia a little over a week ago, this was the real one with the location in or around Timberlea, and I was pleased. She was nice, charming and easy to get along with. I didn't see any red flags. She's very petite, spinner type I would say, and incredibly attractive. I would definitely repeat and recommend her to anyone
  4. I'm a little slow adding to this, but I managed to see her a week ago yesterday. She was incredible! Her body is astonishing and is every bit as described by others and in her ads. I was running a few minutes behind, but she was VERY understanding and since it didn't interfere with any other appointment as I was her last for the day, everything worked out. I made sure to let her know where I was and approx how long and she was super appreciative. When I got there she was done up nicely and greeted me affectionately. Her attitude was great and she was easy to talk which made the conversation effortless. I won't get in to details but WOW!!! well worth it! Anyone looking at the ads and pictures and thinking they can't be real, guess again.
  5. I recently had dealings with Melanie, as some of you may be aware, these dealings resulted in a conflict between us. I'd like to take this time and opportunity to clear the air. Perhaps some of my actions weren't deplorable but at the time I thought they were justified. I realize now that I went about it in a wrong way. For that I am truly sorry and I'd like to compliment the actions and resolve of Melanie and her desire to resolve the situation to a satisfactory conclusion. In our conversations she was polite, respectful, and mature and I think anyone interested in seeing her would be absolutely captivated by those attributes, along with her amazing beauty and body! I've come to appreciate this upon reflection over the last couple of days.
  6. Made arrangements with Casey last night, she was very talkative and let me know several times where she was until about 10 minutes before our meeting it went radio silent and she was a no show.
  7. Good evening folks, It is with great sadness I write this message. Recently, my kindness and trust was misplaced with another member of this site. At this time, I'm not a liberty to disclose the name of said member but hope, with mod clarity I will be able to. I guess I broke the cardinal rule, paying upfront. I was feeling compassionate for a situation that the provider disclosed to me and offered to pay for our meeting in advance to help out. When it came time to book, several scheduling conflicts occurred but I finally thought I had something that could work but I was told said provider was going out and was finished for the night at 8pm. Bummer, but I understood, and asked simply to be notified if that should by some chance change. About an hour later I was going to make an appointment with another provider when I came across a newly posted ad for this provider, making me suspicious the provider was in fact working and not done for the evening. I jumped to my cell phone and contacted the provider by the number listed in the ad, of course, the provider not knowing it was me as all of our communications had been contained to this site. After a quick couple of messages it was established the provider was working and willing to see me a good 2 hours after apparently being done for the night. I never let on that I knew any different but I contacted the provider on LYLA to ask if I could make arrangements and that I had noticed a new ad was posted. This is where things went awry. I was accused of not believing the provider, and asked to not contact ever again and that a refund would be given to me, which didn't happen. My money still up in the air, I replied, and apologized and agreed my money could be refunded or our arrangement could be upheld to which I was given a mod warning and subsequently told not to have any contact with said provider. It is my hope and message that no one else makes the mistake I did, that I be given permission to name said provider so that no one else falls victim to the predicament I am in right now. If the provider reads this message I would hope you reach out and provide my refund as you had originally suggested to me you would. Sorry for the long rant but I've been made to feel like I'm guilty until proven innocent and I don't have a voice looking out for my best interest in this matter.
  8. Wondering if anyone has info on these lovely ladies? Ashley http://halifax.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/ashley-is-back-come-take-a-with-me-face-pictures/2787685 Casey http://halifax.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/casey-outcall-available-now-9027021833/2761058 Good girl gone bad http://halifax.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/good-girl-gone-bad-young-and-petite-incall-outcall-sweet-and-seductive-treat-upscale-hotel-incall/2879773
  9. This link appears to be dead. Anyway you can update me if she has a new ad?
  10. Well worth your time! I've seen her a few times since my original recco and nothing has changed. Simply amazing skills and a killer body. I somewhat miss the old hair but I'll live.
  11. There was a thread posted about her about an hour after this post. http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=224944&highlight=spinner Seems legit and possibly worth your time.
  12. The south shore, your hosed. There has been the occasional SP come out to Bridgewater but haven't seen anything in a while. As for the Valley, there are the occasional SP's posting but the last one I noticed was 2 weeks ago. Your best bet is to have a look here and BP when you're looking to book and keep fingers crossed.
  13. I had an amazing time with Barbie on Saturday evening! She's a lovely, petite woman, very friendly and exactly what I expected to see when meeting her. Her Halifax location is quiet, easily accessible, and clean. I enjoyed our hour together and will repeat many times to come. From the thread posted in the discussion page I was a little leery meeting her but I know now what she says is true. I hope she keeps it up and continues to provide the excellent service I received. Happily pleased, Thanks Barbie!
  14. As the title suggests, wondering if anyone knows of a SP in the wolfville/kentville area?
  15. I would have to agree with the above post. It wouldn't hurt to let the SP know as a courtesy. Most reputable providers are very discreet and would never publicly shame you for utilizing their services. Besides, if you were interested enough to seek her services, talking to her about it may be the best way to make sure that happens. If you're both comfortable with it.
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