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  1. I'm curious about two local girls for a threesome. I posted on another site a while back looking for a local lady, I recieved a reply, with pictures and social media contact. I'm almost sure she is real, also a friend is available for a threesome. Don't want to say any names, they don't advertise. Just curious if this sounds familiar to anyone here. Mature lady. Tks
  2. I've been curious on her as well. I went looking but couldn't find anything, pos or neg.
  3. Interested in hearing a review as well or at least if she is actually legit. Thanks Google has very little Posted via Mobile Device
  4. So happy with my decision to final see Autumn. To say it was a wonderful experience would be an understatement!! A very warm and inviting atmosphere and in less then 5 minutes after meeting Autumn it was as if we'd know each other for years. A very unrushed experience and a true GFE. I hope to repeat and get to spend more time with this lady. Her photos and very accurate and recent, I was very impressed. Posted via Mobile Device
  5. Thanks alb49, yes I'm from Nfld and plan on meeting her tomorrow. Her recommendations are great I'm sure it'll be an amazing experience!! Wish me luck!! Posted via Mobile Device
  6. Good Day guys, as anyone seen Autumn Raine? I'm pretty sure she's the real deal. Twitter, website and email replies all seem legit. Just curious if anyone has any first hand experience. Thanks PM or reply here, whatever works for you. Posted via Mobile Device
  7. I'd be interested to know if she's the real deal also. Sure looks tgtbt!! Posted via Mobile Device
  8. Thanks Metalsmith Posted via Mobile Device
  9. Has anyone seen Savanah Lane recently. Haven't seen her post an ad online in quiet sometime. Just curious if anyone knows if she's still around?? Thanks Posted via Mobile Device
  10. Has anyone seen Chrystal on her visit this week. Any chance anyone can offer a review?? Thanks Posted via Mobile Device
  11. She is totally awesome!! Both of my encounters with her have been nothing short of amazing!! Hoping see her again soon! And if you read this Emma, bring your friend along again.... Posted via Mobile Device
  12. Hoping to see her in Gander this week. Anyone have any info to share, pm tks Posted via Mobile Device
  13. Has anyone seen her lately?? I met her about a year ago in Moncton. Haven't seen anything from her recently? Does anyone know if she's still in the area/still working? Posted via Mobile Device
  14. Pic's are hot I agree!! Posted via Mobile Device
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