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  1. Last night I was ripped off by a Toronto escort who advertises Skype shows. I sent her the money via email money transfer and after she received it, she immediately cut off contact. My question: what should I do about this? What is the best way to make sure nobody else falls for it or even that she no longer has the opportunity to do it to someone else? I've posted in the "warnings" section here as well as written negative reviews on a few escort ad websites. Is there anywhere I might have missed? Does backpage have any process for removing ads in these cases? It should of it doesn't already. The "report" feature doesn't really give an option to report for this reason.
  2. Paid her for a Skype show. As soon as she received the money, she cut off communication. Do not waste your time or money. I also would advise against meeting her in person.
  3. This does not mean 100% that she's a bad call but I'd proceed with caution... I replied to an ad on craigslist last week from a girl with very different features. (She had blonde hair to start...) and that girl gave me the exact same number as is posted in that ad. Again, there are reasons why two different girls might use the same number but I'd be careful
  4. Pics check out on tineye. Although they do definately seem tgtbt. I'm strongly considering making a trip to Moncton tomorrow where the selection seems to be way better than Fredericton. Currently she's my first choice. Just hope that I don't get guilt tripped into this one like I did the last few with fake pics lol. I've talked to her a bit tonight and no red flags so far. Although if anyone has met her, I'd love to know either posted or pm'd. Side note.... Also open to any suggestions for good choices anywhere in province. I've had some bad luck and bad experiences around here.... Especially in Fredericton. So I'm up to good suggestions by pm :)
  5. I did a search but couldn't find anything. Could just be because I'm on an iphone but at least I tried haha. Anyone have experience with vip 99? Specifically in Fredericton? They look and seem legit but I'd like to hear from someone with experience.
  6. Have met with her many times. She is by far the best that I have found around here. And the only one that I have spent time with in Fredericton who dint have a clear substance abuse problem.
  7. Should have seen the warning signs from the start. Two way too hot girls starting ads on BP around the same time. Both the same age and though there were different phone numbers posted, each was suspiciously absent of a location. Contacted both. Got a reply from Katie only. Seemed to be going well until she mentioned that she doesn't take cash, only internet transfer. Smelling a scam, I asked her if I would transfer the funds once we met up. She replied saying that I would have to do it before we met. Making up some crappy excuse about how it was for her security. I ended the conversation there. Anyways... verdict: SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM
  8. If you talk to her, she will tell you that in order to become a customer, you much sign up for a chat website and pay $25 for a show first. She will tell you that it is because she has been burned before and this is a way to screen her clients. I smelt the scam as soon as she said it. Didn't take it any further. Would suggest that others do the same.
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