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  1. I would like to nominate Jessy Celeste a great human being as well as an great humanitarian.works with animals and will go out of her way to help anybody a true and sincere human being .cares for all equally and no biases of any kind . best regards THE DUKE
  2. The fact that all the posts have spoken so highly of you attests to the fact you must be a great and highly spiritual person .best of happiness in the rest of your life .
  3. Great Person and very intelligent ..she is sweet and fun to be with
  4. Very simple tell the provider what you guys are looking for and expecting. She/he will be explain to both ,,and I guarantee all will be happy
  5. I am so confused also. If more than 10 are confused. Maybe there should more help.
  6. Thank all for the interesting insights. Just be respectful goes both ways
  7. Thank you for the advice I am a newbie also. Great to get other oponions
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