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  1. I first joined here when things weren't great at home. ...lacking affection, mostly. I kinda just lurk, but really enjoy reading people's posts here. I love the openness of such a usually taboo subject. I'm a man of very few words usually so I don't post much at all. I've never booked anyone's services yet for a few reasons. First, I'm very very picky because I don't plan to make it a hobby. So if there is one that might be it. I might try to fit a few outstanding bucket list items so I need to pick wisely... But things are getting better at home now so who knows... I'll play that by ear I guess. I still find the discussions interesting so I might stick around a while.
  2. I did that for a few years. No choice. He passed a year ago. I think I'm still getting used to not having the stress (and extra time). But I gave it my all, did my best and I have no regrets about not having done enough. Hang in there. This too shall pass.
  3. 5'9", 215lbs mostly muscular, broad shoulders with a bit of a belly. 45y/o formerly athletic now in maintenance-mode. My BMI says almost morbidly obese but I actually look and feel quite fit. I try to be stylish/current maybe even a bit avant-garde with clothes, shoes and hair(grey, shaved sides, longer wavy on top) trimmed beard. Guys at the office look at me funny, ladies seem to appreciate it. In the past 20 years I've heard comparisons to Richard Gere, Clooney, and some Yannick Bisson guy. Even got Christoph Waltz last winter. ...but bigger... All in all, can't complain.
  4. I heard the same - separate, unrelated, although extremely coincidental event.
  5. Things are reeeeaaaaly quiet for now. No recent sightings that I heard of. SWAT entered perimeter.
  6. I like seeing comments/messages. Since I'm not active with SPs/MAs yet I don't want to bother anyone by initiating anything 'cause I may not book anything in the near future... (I might, ...it's complicated). Having said that, I love the atmosphere here and I appreciate (seek?) any type of attention from ladies here or in 'real life'.
  7. I like the idea but I so can't do it well, it's pretty sad...
  8. Hehehe ...LOOOOVE that face!!
  9. I've been in long term relationships for most of my life so far. I'm fairly attractive so I've never really had to work too hard at getting girlfriends. The downside of all this is that I have absolutely no game. Not only do I not have game, I rarely notice when I'm being flirted with and I probably suck at flirting myself. All this means that I've only had a few sexual partners in my 40-some years of age. There are many experiences that I feel I have missed-out on. Therefore, some of my personal fantasies may sound really lame to some. So here goes (no particular order): - Massage with release - Sex with a stranger (one night stand) - Blowjob(s) from woman with oral fixation - Blowjob from woman with tongue piercing - Sex with a petite woman (spinner?) - Sex with a black woman - Sex with an asian woman - Sex with a woman who does not speak my language(s) - Two (or more) women at same time - Sex in water at tropical beach - Week long vacation at sex resort I probably have more, but we'll start with those.
  10. Lying in almost boiling salty bath water before checking out a local band tonight. *salty as in sea salt, not sweat...*
  11. The best pizza I've had lately was in Halifax, butwasn't at a 'pizza place' but at The Wooden Monkey. Not sure if I was particularly hungry that day or what. I haven't had the chance to go back and try it again...
  12. Got power back fairly quickly. Office is closed :-). We're being tested for sure. At least the potholes are all filled in.
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