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  1. Hello Everyone, Morgan is coming to Antigonish this afternoon if anyone is interested. Also, I chatted with her and she has a girlfriend that might come along with her. They would be interested in duo’s or if anyone is interested we could team up for a MFMF orgy style secession. This would also be open to other SP’s if interested. I can make it worth your time! 😉 Send me a DM if anyone interested. Thank you!
  2. Hello. I’m staying downtown Halifax Saturday & Sunday night (October 7th & 8th) for a friend’s wedding. I’m wondering if anyone will be hosting in calls on either of those nights? It would have to be later in the evening, roughly around midnight. If anyone is available for a late night in call on either one of those nights, please let me know and we can make arrangements! Thank you!
  3. Come to Antigonish and see all the wonderful things we have to offer! 😉
  4. That would be great Stephanie! Please keep me posted on when you are planing a trip up this way and I’ll be sure to book! Thank you!
  5. Hi friends, I know this might be a long shot, but I’m wondering if there would be any SP’s available or interested in travelling up to Antigonish this Saturday for the afternoon / night? Please pm me if interested. Thank you, HGL
  6. Hi Everyone, I am organizing to have my brother's bachelor party in Halifax sometime in earlier July and I'm reaching out for ideas to show him and the group a good time. There will be a group of 10-12 guys all in their late 20's - early 30's. We will be staying at the Westin Hotel - Downtown. I was also hoping to arrange a few female entertainers (strictly dance entertainment only) for a few hours that Saturday afternoon back to our hotel before we go out for supper. If anyone can help me with ideas and give me guidenance on how I could go about organizing the entertainment, it would be very much appreciated! Thank you, HGL
  7. I would also be interested to know if there is anyone around Antigonish / Port Hawkesbury.
  8. Has anyone seen the couple that advertises on BP. Any info or recommendations would be appreciated!
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