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  1. I also would not hesitate in booking Alexis and hope to do so in the near future based on her reviews and adds and her over all demeanour in the way she promotes her self 🙂
  2. welcome to Lyla and Nova Scotia Candy661
  3. does she provide a good service Truro guy
  4. Any one know of any ladies who do body rubs or happy ending massage in Pictou County ?
  5. Christina4u should be mentioned also she is just WOW
  6. my take on these things are a lot of people are just so full of hate an anger with there own lives that they lash out at anything or one around them to hurt and try to bring them down to there sad level ...so don't take it personal just be glad your not like them chin up be happy
  7. I hope too see her in the near future when time permits
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