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    I've been interested in getting involved for a long time, just need to find the right women

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  1. Wheatking12

    TO/EB reviews

    Has anyone been here recently? Thinking of stopping in there on Tuesday,while in winnipeg I have never been there, looking for recommendations and an idea of what to expect
  2. Wheatking12

    Setting the scene ;) Felina

    I would like it to be real, if we are on our first date, a introduction, a drink and some conversation, and natural progression into our relationship. If we are on a succesive second or third date, a nice kiss hello, and then some lite conversation. If we had some passionaite dicusssion leading up to the date , then i would love to see that passion explode at the door. I love conversation, a shower together, on a progression to any date, romance should be a key in any such relationship. Just my 2 cents
  3. Wheatking12

    Bill C-36 (winnipeg's opinion)

    So as a newbie, without an established history of dating in this scene, what is a fella to do, shut it down and continue with mindless palamino dates???
  4. Wheatking12

    A question for the gents

    I agree, i am not a local though, i spend 20-30 night in winnipeg at hotels, always in the polo/park airport area Would prefer a visit to me at one of the upscale area hotels
  5. Wheatking12

    First time

    Looking for 30 plus, curvy, classy looks, kind of on the milf theme....confident would be a key trait
  6. Wheatking12

    First time

    After reading the forums for a long time, im ready to take the plunge and try out a SP, in the past i always just went to a bar and met a woman and been lucky that way, but honestly you usually just get a drunk girl with a bunch of issues who is looking for something more. So where do i start? Obviously i want to minimize all risk of anything going wrong, such as legal issues or a sketchy situation, or disease, i would appreciate any info from the cerb readers on where to start, i am in winnipeg frequently, and stay at upscale hotels. Looking forward to meeting and experiencing things with a Professional
  7. Wheatking12

    Massage Place Procedure

    Im a rookie to this scene, and was wanting to get a recommendation on where to go for my first parlour experience, a good massage and some fun with an attractive lady (not a girl) must be very clean, and minimal risk, doesn't have to be fs, but i want her to be full nude and me to be satisfied Again, total rookie here i assume i pay the room rate, and then the tip should be that rate again plus 50%? For a nice relaxed and satisfying time? Thanks in advance for any info