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    Hello everyone,
    Thank you for stopping by and expressing an interest in me.
    Im a fun loving, mature intelligent women . I can be spontaneous, funny, quick witty and devious at times. Im out going and friendly ..always.

    I have roots in Ont, however spent my summers here on the prairies and this has been home for quiet a few years now.

    I enjoy seeing this beautiful country of ours and tour it regularly.

    I look forward to hearing from and hopefully meeting you very soon.

    Take care. Have fun. Stay safe.

    Shelly Lane.
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    Touring Most Of Canada
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    Soft & Sensual, Mature prairie girl.

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  1. Where did you read something had happened? He has been around these parts for a longtime. I sure hope its not true!.
  2. Welcome😄 We do help and support each other here, we have a private area for SPs to do that. Thats the best way for all to share privately. You can look into how to join that section of the site and im sure if you have to gain a little trust first, you will be greatly thankfull for the insight. Welcome and stay safe dear!
  3. Good day Gents, Im so pleased to be visiting again! Just in time for our thoughts to turn to warmer things!. Im visiting Tues May 1 and Wed May 2nd and will be avalible from 8am -11pm in a great get away in FORT GARRY. My donations are: 140hh and 240hr. Non neg gents. Abit about myself; 5"7, 125lbs. Blonde hair and Brown eyes. Slender build. Blessed with long silky legs to wrap around you and soft lips to kiss you with. Im an all natural beauty. Mature, intelligent and down to earth. I have a great sense of humor and a zest for life. I love to entertain gents in a clean, quiet get away thats unrushed and fun! Please note that my preference is gents over 35+ only. Im aval from 8am-11pm only, and would appreciate prebooking. I can do same day app but i will need at least 1hrs notice. Tues May 1st and Wed May 2nd. Please text or PM for info!. I look forward to meeting you very soon, Shelly Lane. Xoxo.
  4. Im in SK and so far so good. I have just read that Edmonton is down witha big seizure notice. Arizona is at it again! Well this will make touring interesting!
  5. Good day all! I'm so pleased to be visiting your city again. .Its been a long time! I'm a mature, intelligent sensual beauty. Blessed with long silky legs to wrap around you, beautiful brown eyes to adore you. Oh and I'm kissable from head to toe. I'm a down to earth lady that is classy and a bit sassy at times. A great sense of humour goes a long way with me. Sensual by nature, I enjoy taking my time and really enjoying our time together in a in-rushed atmosphere. I'm great at helping you relax and feel cozy. I pride myself in always being fresh, in a clean environment that is safe and away from public eyes. I do expect and appreciate that of my visitors. a clean showers complete with fresh towels are always aval for you to enjoy and I can accompany you if you wish to have your back washed! I will be available to please you from 8am-11pm, while I'm there. Early mornings can be arranged, but must be done the night before. There is lots of parking aval in discreet, free spots. I'm only there for two days this visit and I'm looking forward to catching up with old friends and meeting some new ones! March 2nd and 3rd. Donations are, 140hh and 240hr. Longer playtimes are aval, just inquire.! I do require at least an hours notice, I'm sorry I cant guarantee that I will be aval last min, but will try! I will be hosting ONLY this trip, so no out locations. My preference is for the mature gent 35 and over. The location is in the WESTSIDE of the city. About 8mins from the Perimeter and 15min from Polo Park. Priority will be given to Prebooked appointments. I'm always happy to answer your inquires! PM here. [email protected] Text; 306-536-9554. Please introduce yourself a little, and when would be a good time for a get together. I look forward to meeting you, Shelly Lane..
  6. Welcome to the board! I think it would be helpfull for you to state which city you are inquiring about. I think you will find the gents will help you out. Oh and abit about what type of lady...age, GFE, etc. Have fun! Xo
  7. Hello all, Oh something is very off about this story! About 5yrs ago now, i was wooed to the city after placing my ad. My first app was the last and from the time I parked the car to fine..was 1hr 15min! On Dec 22..no less!. It cost me the fines, an expensive hotel room 375$ prepaid!. Im looking at this article as a planted one to scare off gents also and lock down the agencys. After all one of them is being run by an ex police officer and his wife..has been for years!. Just my thoughts, Xo All.
  8. Good Morning Gents, I first want to thank you for a lovely visit so far! I have decided to extend my visit a few days. Im very pleased to accomidate your requests to stay. Im looking forward to meeting the fine gents of Winnipeg. At the moment im still in the West part of the city...if i have enough interest i will either spend a few days Downtown or Airport area. Please see the advertising post for more about me and rates etc.. A Soft and Sensual Dalliance, Xoxo Shelly Lane.
  9. Good Day Gents. It will be a pleasure to be back in Winny. I look forward to pleasuring my old friends and making memories with new ones. Im an intelligent, sexy and down to earth. Mature, fun natured with a great sense of humor. I stand 5'7, 125lbs with shoulder length blonde hair. 36b-36-34. The pleasure of a sensual dalliance await you July8th -15th. My big brown eyes will alure you, my soft skin will becon you to touch, and my lips..waiting to be kissed. My long legs will wrap you up, my sensual touch will tease. A pleasurable, all safe and unrushed dalliance unfolds naturally in a relaxing atmosphere will heighten both our fun. I will be entertaining in a quiet get away in the West part of the city. Ample private parking and discreet entrance. The location is, 7min from the Perimeter. 10min from Polo Park. 20min grom Downtown. I will be avalible for mature 35+ gents only. July 8th, 2pm-8pm. July 9th-15th, 8am-10pm. Dalliances. 30min...140. 1hr. ..... 220. 1.5. ......320. 2hrs. .....380. I would appreciate if you are able to prebook, if not i will do my best to accomidate with at least 1hrs notice. Please PM or Email for prebooking. Text for same day. [email protected]. 306-536-9564. Please include your handle and name as well as alittle about you and your preffered day and time. I look forward to seeing you , Soft and Sensually, Shelly Lane.
  10. GOOD DAY GENTS, I'm so pleased to be back in Regina for a short visit! I cant wait to meet new and catch up with some old friends!! If we haven't met..allow me to share a bit about myself.. I'm a fun-loving down to earth kind of women with a true Zest for life. I have been described as intelligent, classy, quick witted and beautiful. Sensual and passionate by nature with a bit of devious humor!! You will find me relaxing and easy to get along with, patient and fun!.. I stand 5 7 without heels, sultry brown eyes and a light, soft mocha complexion, soft alluring curves and blessed with lovely long legs to wrap around you and soft kissable lips. A natural 36b-26-34 and 120lbs. Our time together will be enjoyed mutually and will not be rushed or interrupted in any way. Safe fun and most of all discreetly! I will be available to come and visit you at your place or hotel and a min of 4hrs notice will be required. I will be entertaining in a hotel on one of the days, please take a moment to read my schedule. Wed Jan 12th.. outcall only. 3pm - 10pm. Thurs Jan 13th. outcall only. 11am - 10pm. Fri Jan 14th Incall only. 1pm -11pm. Sat Jan 15th. outcall only. 11am -10pm. ( I may have incall depended on demand). I will only be available these times gents, so I hope there's a time that suits your schedule that we can meet and play. PLEASE NOTE... I will be requiring references from other ladys you have visited with or at least a posting history which includes a recommendation. If you are staying in a hotel i will require this info for my own safety and peace of mind... Your real name the rooms in.. Rm number Cell number I will be calling the front desk to confirm your name and room number prior to arrival and will be asking the front desk to direct my call to your room so I can confirm and hear your sexy voice..he he. I'm sorry there will not be any exceptions to this!!. I'm always dressed discreetly, always fresh and very punctual!! Please give me as much prebooking as you can so i can make arrangements for our time together. Min booking time is 1hr outcall 250hr, includes travel to you within city limits. Min booking time is 45min incall 200. 1hr incall 240. These rates are no-neg, thank you gents. Im so looking forward to meeting all of you clean, mature, respectfull gents! and to keeping warm in a fun way!!! Please introduce yourself via PM. OR, [email protected] to book the best time for you to get away for some R & R. Xo, Shelly Lane.
  11. Hello all, I have gotten the same message. It seems the saftey certificate expired yesterday. Bit of a pain tho... Im sure mod and the tec people are working on it! Thanks for that mod and his helpers! Have a great day, Shelly Lane.
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