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  1. By the same token, if anyone thought he needed to bag it at all, then he shouldn't be putting it in. Still scratching my balls hmmmmmm.
  2. A few years ago, I was living in the heart of Toronto's gay community. As I am an open minded person, I have never had any prejudices against gays. I had had coworkers who were gay and it never bothered me. However, for the first time, I had the opportunity to get to know gay men personally because my neighbours were gay. I made it clear to them that I was not gay and I became friends with them. Getting to know gay men was an interesting experience. I learned a lot about gay culture. Gay culture has its own set of values that are totally different from the "heterosexual, white, Christian" culture that I grew up in. I am interested to see how Bill C-36 will impact gay culture and if the government will have the audacity to impose their values on gay culture? For example, in gay culture, the sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship is quite common. Young men have older boyfriends who provide for them financially in exchange for a sexual relationship. I have witnessed this several times. Many times, I was surprised to see a boy, who was barely out of his teens, dating a grey haired man. In gay culture, these relationships are not shameful. In contrast, heterosexual culture frowns upon sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships. Bill C-36 would make the sugar daddy a criminal because of the transactional nature of his relationship with the sugar baby. The opposition from the gay community will be great. I still remember the opposition that the government faced from the gay community when they raised the age of consent in 2008. The gay community was opposed to the age of consent for anal sex being set at 18. The age of consent law and Bill C-36 show that the government is totally out of touch with the main stream. Most people want sexual freedom not oppression.
  3. This is a great topic. I have to admit that I do not get regularly tested because I do not do high risk activities; full sexual intercourse is where there is the real risk of STI's. I prefer reverse massage, body slides and hand jobs because these are negligible risk activities. I try not to get paranoid. You could get a cold sore from sharing a cigarette or you could get shingles from accidentally using someone else's towel at the gym. To be totally safe, you would have to walk around in a hazmat suit. However, if I were to have sex, I would take testing seriously. People who have a one-night stand with someone whom they meet at the nightclub are taking a bigger risk than people who do sexual activities with an SP. Coincidentally, I have recently spoken to several young adults about the topic of STI's. I had assumed that young adults in their twenties would be well informed about the prevention of STI's. I was shocked to talk to young women who use the pill or an IUD but do not use a condom when having a one-night stand. I was shocked to hear young men casually laugh about having picked up chlamydia from a one-night stand. The average man and woman in the nightclub is at great danger of contracting a deadly STI. One-night stands happen between people who are too drunk to consider using condoms or too drunk to use condoms properly. Hobbyists and SP's are aware of what our relationship is. The hobbyist respects that the SP is providing a professional service and that there is a protocol to follow.
  4. It is true that less is more in this case. A girl in yoga pants or jeans, no make up and hair in a pony tail is really hot. I think that it is a girl-next-door fantasy that men have. It reminds me of Courtney Cox in Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in the dark" video. Towards the end of the song, he dances with her. She has minimal make-up, jeans and a white t-shirt; she is adorable. Yeah, men are really complicated in what we find sexy.
  5. I have recently heard that some guys like to double bag (wear two condoms) during sex. What would the benefits be of double bagging? I read an article which suggests that it is a bad idea. See link: http://goaskalice.columbia.edu/are-two-condoms-better-one
  6. I have recently heard that some guys like to double bag (wear two condoms) during sex. What would the benefits be of double bagging? I read an article which suggests that it is a bad idea. See link: http://goaskalice.columbia.edu/are-two-condoms-better-one
  7. I have had that experience too at Vibe Spa. The ladies came into the room individually and introduced themselves. That was a hard decision. LOL. "Do I go with the first total goddess or the other total goddess? Decisions ...decisions. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe" LOL. Oh wow, I love women! They are so curvy and soft and they smell nice.
  8. I totally understand that the idea of the line-up seems awesome. You choose the woman who seems the most attractive to you. I do not know why but I would feel really guilty about doing that. I would feel like I was being harsh because it is a face-to-face encounter. "I want you but definitely not you." LOL. Maybe, I am polite in a situation where I do not need to be polite. I have used a much more indirect and passive way of rejecting a masseuse who was not attractive to me. As soon as I come through the front door and see the masseuse, I use the excuse, "Oh geez!!! I have forgotten my wallet. I will be back later." Maybe that is just as bad; I feel like a jerk now. LOL.
  9. I understand that you end up spending a lot of money when you meet a lady at a hotel; but you deserve to treat yourself to a nice time. You can find a nice hotel for less than $100. While you are at the hotel, you can meet the lady, order room service, have some wine and afterwards you can order a movie on television and have a nice sleep. Life is more than going to your job, taking the bus or driving home in rush hour traffic and doing it again and again until you are 65. Allow yourself to live it up sometimes and do not worry about the money that it costs you. Although you might be reincarnated as something in the next life; you only live this life once. LOL.
  10. I was looking for a massage without breaking the bank. I had heard of Seawave massage. The location is excellent; it is discreet. The businesses in the area all close between 3:00 to 5:00. Seawave stays open until 9:00 p.m. You could go up to the door of the spa with a brass band playing behind you and nobody would notice you. The location is really tucked away. There is parking right in front of the spa. You walk up to the second floor and ring the bell. The masseuse is Eva. She is in her 40's. She has a sweet personality; she makes a little conversation during the massage. She gives a firm massage from the neck to the lower back. She massages the ankles, calves and moves up to the buttocks. Then she softly caresses you all over. You flip over and she rubs the chest, stomach and then she gives a hand release. Judging from her personality, I suspect that Eva will only give a hand release. Limitations are a good thing sometimes. It is affordable and the masseuse is a nice lady; I plan to make this my new place and to go for monthly visits.
  11. She had really good reviews. The reviews all mention her great attitude. I have not gone to Paradise Spa yet; from what I hear, the ladies there are great. http://www.cerb.ca/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=141299
  12. What happened to Club Eros on 37 Bruce Street? It was a great place; it had nice showers in the rooms, nice attendants and a great location. I went there on one of my visits to Kitchener; when I returned a few months later, it was gone.
  13. I was recently in Kitchener and I walked by Lotus Spa at 991 King Street East. I was intrigued as I had never seen this place before; it must be new. There were two ladies available; both ladies were really cute, pretty and petite. Luckily, I did not have to do "eeny meeny miny moe" because it would have been hard to decide. One of the ladies took me to the room. I cannot remember the name of the lady but she did a great massage, had the body of a goddess and she gave me some great extras. The only funny part was that the shower had only cold water. LOL. Maybe it was a plumbing problem. The important thing is that my plumbing did not have any problems if you know what I mean (Nudge, nudge. Wink wink. Say no more.) As I was getting dressed, both ladies came back into the room and suggested that I try a duo next time. Definitely next time. I hope that I will have the stamina.
  14. I love the hobby scene in Kitchener; but I have noticed that the Kitchener forum is quiet. The Kitchener massage providers are amazing!!! So why is there no discussion about the amazing talent? I posted this topic in the General discussion for Canada. http://www.cerb.ca/vbulletin/showthread.php?p=609867#post609867 By the way, it is a shame that Club Eros on 37 Bruce Street is gone. I had some great times there.
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