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  1. dko66

    Sweet 300 in Vanier

    I appreciate all this info. I visit Ottawa once a year and usually go to the 'Mate at least once. I haven't been asked about upstairs, though have been offered something in the CR. There are times when I'd love that option so I'll remember to ask when I'm there in the spring.
  2. dko66


    Hey everyone. Planning to come back to Ottawa soon and visit the Playmate since I had a great time last year and didn't get a chance to explore something I was curious about. Sweet 300. I've looked at their website and while I understand how the peep shows work, they also mention private rooms that you can ask a model to join you in. If anyone has done this, could you pm me with what I can expect if I went for this. First off, how do I know who I can choose from? Second, what can happen during the time I'm there? Thanks all! (Ps. I posted this. Here since it's above the Playmate and I didn't know where else to post it. If it doesn't belong here, please delete and let me know the best place to put it)
  3. dko66


    That's her. She was amazing! Sadly I didn't get the chance to see her on stage before I left, but I was lucky enough to get some private dances in.
  4. dko66


    Just spent the afternoon here, and spent some time with the lovely Lola and Shasta. Fantastic atmosphere, and will stop by again next time I'm in town.
  5. dko66

    High Mileage

    I'd be curious about this too, since I'll be in Ottawa next week and hope to visit a club or two.
  6. This sounds like a good place. I may have to check it out in a few weeks when I'm visiting. Anyone who's been there recently, who do you recommend in the younger category?
  7. I realize that this may not be the right place to ask about this, but there wasn't a board for London massage discussion . Has anyone been here? I'm trying to find out of it is worth going to. Please PM me if you've been there and have details. Thanks
  8. dko66

    Lucy - Star Health Spa

    Any chance you could pm me with more details? I keep hearing about this place and am hoping to visit Ottawa soon.
  9. Thanks for the information. It really sounds like I'm going to enjoy myself.
  10. This is an experimental stage for me. I am in a relationship and have been nothing but happy for a long time. The only thing is that something is missing. Im thinking that either an MP or strip club would do the trick. Im hoping to check things out on the D/L for the moment, and ease my partner's way into it. I know she has an open mind, but I think one of us needs to experience things to get an idea, and to paint the right picture for the other to enhance what is already a great relationship.
  11. Hello everyone, I've just recently gotten into the notion of visitng MP's and Strip clubs. (Have not had the opportunity as of yet). I have a few questions regarding these services and wanted to get some feedback regarding them. I feel like these questions are kind of silly, but I will ask them anyway. First, in regards to strip clubs. Ive heard that it's always best to keep buying drinks while you are there. My question is, do they prefer you to be buying alcohol, or will any drink suffice? I'm not much of a drinker, and prefer to enjoy experiences like these sober. Second, when it comes to MP services, I suppose this is more of a self conscious issue. While I think I am moderately attractive, I am of an average, but slightly overweight build. I wonder if that may affect my overall experience, either at an MP or when looking for a dance at a club. Any insight on this would be awesome. Thanks
  12. Can't wait to check this place out. Hoping to in a few weeks when im in town. So much to do, so much to enjoy in Ottawa.
  13. dko66

    162 Laurier Ave. W.

    Going to be visiting Ottawa soon, so I may have to check this place out.
  14. That really is unacceptable. I really hope he is found.