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  1. Please show your reviews please
  2. Yes you're not wrong, girls with good reviews and who are reputable can get a deposit, but sadly you have neither
  3. If anyone is asking for a deposit before meeting is a scammer or not worth your time kings
  4. I really don't think she offers anything. Who ever said they did is cappin
  5. I've also seen her, very nice and down to earth girl. We went way over our time together. No reason not to see her
  6. She asks for a 300 deposit before meeting. Most likely a scammer or an idiot.
  7. Yes, fuck water is amazing. Lol It's sad it isn't sold in Fredericton or that would be my go to lube.
  8. I'm so happy we are finally getting some Asian providers here, it's about time
  9. Usually, if the girl shows her face, has an out of province phone number and asks for a deposit, then shes 100 percent fake.
  10. Great to know, Asian ladies are my biggest weakness. If she ever comes to Fredericton I'll definitely see her
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