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  1. A few weeks back I had the pleasure of seeing baby paradise, I booked a 15 min session with her and I can say it was quite fun, she is very young and very short maybe 5ft on a good day, very good looking body, but also incredibly skinny. A very sweet and nice girl definitely the girl next door vibes, but alas it wasn’t completely perfect but sadly I can’t post everything, so if you want to know more please contact me. Sincerely tompickle
  2. This is why I said Asian providers will take over, they’ll charge less and work 10x harder then you, By raising prices it opens doors to sex trafficking. I honestly believe that there should be more and better laws to protect women in this career I believe that this service is essential to society.
  3. Have you ever been to Montreal? Toronto? The prices of hotels are much more expensive, the food in those cities are also more expensive then here, taxes in Quebec are higher then New Brunswick. But prices are still lower Yes the inflation rates have gone up and it’s made New Brunswick even harder to live in but it’s simple economics, it opens the door for people to swoop in and take the business from under you by offering lower prices, I’ve lived out west and do you know what rules the cheap prices? The Asian market, we’re already seeing multiple ads on leolist with Asian providers. Sadly they will control the market because local girls increase they’re prices to absurd amounts.
  4. I find the price here for girl are insane. Some girls charge 300 dollars an hour, but out west or even Montreal the prices are much lower, it’s simple economics, if your price is to high in a poor province then no one will pay for your service and would rather travel to other places for cheaper services. Men probably flake because some can’t justify spending that much money especially in the second poorest province in Canada. I don’t mean to be rude but there’s better looking women in Montreal who charge much less and provide much better services.
  5. Send me some cash and I’ll go see her
  6. Does anyone know any girls in Freddy that do massage and happy endings? I have a few I know myself. Can trade with girls I know in the city
  7. There’s one that does massages in Moncton, but shes old give a great happy ending tho
  8. Omg yes pls I’d love an Asian sp
  9. I’ve seen her, she’s very good looking
  10. When I saw her she just asked me, from my experience out west, if you go undraped then they know what you’re looking for
  11. That’s why I’m asking if anyone has seen her and if it’s any good lol
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