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    SP Twitter fights

    Good evening! Only replying to the SPCA thing here. I was Sophia’s next door neighbour for 6 months, I was also her friend for over a year, and NEVER not ONCE did she ever have any concern about the safety of my dog. But a week after I stopped working with her, she’s suddenly concerned for his safety? Think about it. Even if what your saying is true about him being in the rain for hours ( NOT TRUE, 10 mins MAX ) I literally live next door to you. KNOCK ON MY DOOR? CALL ME? And tell me your so concerned, be an adult! You did that to be petty, vengeful, and to just plain mess with me. Katherine I don’t know you but I’ve heard good things, sorry too see you involved. Cheers 😊
  2. Welcome to Moncton’s sweetest escape.. @Alexx of Moncton & I had an amazing adventure in the city of St Johns but there is no place like home.. we missed our Moncton Lovers immensely.. We are available this week 11am-8pm! Pre-booking is always best.. Check our our new photos as well.. 5068644724 ❤️
  3. Happy Sunday Everyone! Myself & my Amazing partner @Alexx of Moncton Will be visiting St. John’s May 5-May11th. We are offering a wide variety of services and can not wait to be in your beautiful city! please visit our website www.yourluxuriousangels.com 5068644724
  4. Welcome too Touched By An Angel Massage with @Alexx of Moncton & Myself, Tiffany Marie. Come visit us this week for an erotic escape! Our 4 hand massage will lead you through different techniques to complete physical and mental relaxation. Touch is one of the most sensitive stimulus through which ecstasy can be reached. With our massages the body and mind connect to reach unlimited levels of satisfaction, we play with the sensations of your body to achieve maximum pleasure. We are available this week; Monday-Saturday 11am-9pm. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER FOR LIVE UPDATES! @TiffMarie506 @BanksAlexx 5068644724
  5. Sorry this is happening Savannah, it’s a shame girls do this. Hope it gets resolved quickly! xo
  6. Good morning! 🌞 @Alexx of Moncton & I are available this week Monday - Saturday 11am-9pm. Touched By An Angel has all the accommodations you require.. * Shower and fresh towels * Oils and lotion * Heated Massage table * Gorgeous inviting hostesses ** BOTH hostesses are trained professionals in different areas of massage ** we strive to provide a comfortable and exciting experience for all of our guests. Check out our recommendations! Looking forward too new memories.. 5068644724 💖
  7. TiffanyMarie

    Local girl twitter accounts?

    @TiffMarie506 xo 💖
  8. Good morning everyone! Hope everybody is staying warm, If not... I know where you can find heat.. 😋 I will be available this week hosting @ Touched By An Angel.. looking forward to making new memories.. 🥰 5068644724
  9. Agree with previous opinions, most reputable providers prefer cash apon arrival. It seems sketchy- especially if you have never met the SP before. stay safe! xo
  10. Thanks playpal 🥰. Brooklyn Styles is also known for her excellent massage experience. There’s lots of great options here in Moncton. 😀 xo
  11. Hello Ladies & Gents, happy Sunday! Booking this week Monday-Friday @ Touched By An Angel with @Alexx of Moncton We can’t wait to see our usual familiar faces, & perhaps meet some new lovers.. 🥰 We have everything you need, and more. Dont be shy, reach out with any questions.. 5068644724 Follow me on Twitter for live updates! @ TiffMarie506 Heres some brand new photos, hope you like them.. 😋
  12. Happy “lazy” Sunday everybody 😅 @Alexx of Moncton & I will be visiting Fredericton this week, Wednesday January 30th & Thursday January 31st! We are looking forward to seeing all the lovely Fredericton gentlemen and just enjoying the friendly vibe of Freddy 😊 Pre-booking now! 5068644724 xoxo 😘
  13. Come join @Alexx of Moncton & I @ our luxury escape in Moncton, beautiful massage room, warm comfortable bedroom, large deep bathtub for romantic baths for 2; and of course 2 beautiful Angels.. We are accommodating this week 11am-8pm. 5068644724..💋 Check out my new photos..
  14. Happy 2019 Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope your year is full of love and happiness. My name is Tiffany Marie, I am a Chestnut haired beauty, I have an electric personality that makes you feel desired from the moment we meet. My warm smile, deep brown eyes, and youthful physique is truly beautiful. In my presence you will feel the joys of being alive and that you are in the company of an alluring young women. I enjoy sharing my beauty, sparkling personality and love of life with others. I’ve been told my positive energy is contagious! As as an elite provider based in Moncton, I understand that moments of pleasure are precious and valued highly by discerning Gentlemen. I captivate with my appearance, sensuality and smart mind. I am a great listener, confidant of your most intimate desires and I fulfill them with style. I know how to combine my passion with my loveliness in a unique way. I am very versatile for any situation and my openness is very special for making a connection of mind and body. At the same time, I am very responsive and tuned into your disires. A truly luxurious and intimate experience is to be enjoyed when you are in my company, my spontaneity will charm you and revive your spirit. If you adore women with class, then I may just be the companion for you. Indulge your senses in my company and treat yourself to moments of pure pleasure. I am available for bookings in Moncton @ Touched By An Angel with @Alexx of Moncton Outcalls to hotels are welcome. We will also be introducing our interactive duos, & adding a romantic bath time option in your session, starting today. Please Contact me via PM or Phonecall/Text 506-864-4724 Take a look at my new photos in our new Oasis..
  15. Happy holidays everyone! We took some time off here @ Touched By An Angel to enjoy the holidays with our loved ones, and to take sometime to move to our new, PRIVATELY owned location completely dedicated to hosting our guests. @Alexx of Moncton & I are so pleased and excited to show you our new oasis! I am booking this week 11am-9pm. Alexx will return in the new year. Thank you everyone for your generosity 😘 5068644724