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  1. For purely relaxation I'd recommend Emma when she starts posting again on LL.
  2. I've been seeing her for awhile now whenever I have back or muscle issues. I don't have coverage, so when I need to see a professional RMT, she's my go to. Acupuncture, cupping, and hot stones are also available to fix what ails you. Highly recommended for a professional massage.
  3. I tried her recently. She's young and attractive. Her massage skills were ok, nothing special. However, she wore something to get the engine going and the remainder of the massage was above average including the build up. Her ad (9065) on LL will appear once or twice a week after 10am. I'd recommend/repeat when I'm in need of a relaxing massage or stress relief.
  4. I recently booked and found it underwhelming and wouldn't repeat. Definitely not 9/10 but more like 5or6/10 but of course, YMMV. I've seen my share in the past few years from Kijij and Leo. I'll repeat with a young attractive attendant that lacks RMT skills if they excel at the middle (build up/tease) and end portion of the massage. I'll repeat with older and less attractive who excel at all stages of the massage. In her case all stages were either average or below average. She did however ask for an above average tip. If you want young and attractive stick with Leo and the 9065 # otherwise good luck finding what you're looking for on Kijiji. Every once in awhile I get lucky trying someone new on Kijiji.
  5. I booked and confirmed an appointment early in the day for an afternoon appointment with Ani. When I arrived, Ani wasn't aware that she was double booked. I was asked to come back at a later time or try someone else at a discount but I refused. I won't reward disrespectful business practices. Similar situation happened to me at Crystal massage years ago. I've never gone back to Crystal and I won't come back here either. Later that day, I saw a regular from a reliable establishment instead.
  6. Your guys definition of "surrounding area" must include Brandon as well? 🤣
  7. Agreed, if I'm interested in a quality therapeutic massage only than I'll see her or Sunny. If I want a sensual massage from an attractive 20 something girl than I'll book with the places in St. B, Bridgewater, and Village area.
  8. Nope, Linda at World's is younger and into fitness. I haven't seen her for awhile though. They both give good massages.
  9. I booked a few 10pm and 11pm appointments with Sunny when she was working. It always helped me fall asleep quickly when I got home. I can't wait till she comes back. Otherwise, anyone else I see prefers not to work after 9pm.
  10. I find it interesting that the Kijiji massage section no longer has multiple ads from the various spas and now it's inundated with guys requesting house calls.
  11. Sunny, without a doubt. Assuming she comes back to Winnipeg. Why, because she's the closest you'll get to a RMT experience or even better. She's also the most versatile and can customize your appointment for your needs. I've seen her to work on and stretch a sports injury and also to relax/tease me after a stressful week.
  12. I've been to both these locations and have seen Emma, Mikayla, and Teaghen. They seem to do a great job of hiring and training. Their ads are posted on leolist massage section and all have the same script.
  13. Don't be sad, there are plenty of other options in the city where the quality matches the cost.
  14. I recently saw Teaghen who works for the same outfit as Emma. She sporadically posts on LL. Her ad is up now. We agreed on a set fee for what I was interested in and wow was I impressed. I'm surprised there's not more said about her on this board. Her massage skills are top notch. She knows how to provide both a therapeutic and relaxing massage very well. Added bonus, she's an engaging young person who is very attractive. Teaghen, Emma and whoever hired them is definitely the best thing that happened to the Winnipeg massage scene this year.
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