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  1. Hi K site said new girl there, call them and they said the same , that she us new and young Any one tried massage with her and want to share opinion. please feel free to pm me
  2. Also pretty and very open person with nice smooth skin 🙂 If you have soft music during session, lucky you. Buddy 😅 yeahh, something want me to see her again lol 😉
  3. Is this Indian girl working there before who like to watch TV show during massage ?
  4. Wondering if someone know this provider? saying RMT but accept customer till 2 am sound fishy lol. Or maybe this is the lady (older nurse) that keeps posting on k board before ?
  5. 100 TIP ?? wow like for FS maybe ok (I'm not using) but for HE waaaay to much. yes - I'm cheap but never pay more than 20 for it. To be clear I'm always honest with girls and tell them that my price and they agree or not (95% yes)
  6. hi Guys Any opinion about her? extra available? please PM me thank you
  7. nice face, little bit chubby, but acceptable. good massage and even better extra
  8. very cute girl, with extra smooth body!
  9. Cuz I'm 24 I fell more comfortable with younger providers. thank you
  10. Would some can pm me about her please ? does she offer any extra ? thank you guys
  11. I'm going there next week, hopefully won't be disappointed 😉
  12. Hi guys Any uptade about her? Her add is with a picture cat ? I noticed that before she posted as a 2300 Pembina but know is 2310 so I guess this is still the same person? Woudl you like pm me, what I can expecting from massage with her ? thx !
  13. Ok, so I went there last week. First time. I saw 3 ladies, 2 kinda younger and one little bit older. The last one gave me massage (didnt talk much, I dont know her name either) so far massage was good. The end of back massage I got some good touch of my butt and balls so I was pretty sure after flipped Ill get much more fun. Unfortunately not, towel was on me all the time, she touch me there by "accident" but now I think it was "invitation" ( lol ) for something more but I didnt read this correct, instead of say something or take my towel off I ignored it Ill try again, because massage was good so nothing to loos. Or do you know guys something more about girls working there and can PM me about details or what to expect ? regards ! ☕
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