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  1. I remember years ago, younger girl (don't believe name I think start K) Good time, seems she was really enjoying the time and session was ending very very well
  2. Just saw the add on k website. Jenny works there, any thoughts?
  3. Personally I never tip more than $20. Can do little bit more if the lady is young and pretty 🤷‍♂️
  4. Do you guys know and would like to share some review about this place? please PM me
  5. Can you please share more details about this place? Please PM me. Thank you!
  6. Hi Guys I read all topic about it, just want to see if something changed or I can get some good new recommendations please PM Thank you!
  7. I can understand (little bit) to give some type of massage / touch to young provider with nice body, but we all know that here is not many option lol
  8. going for (paid) massage and paying extra to give someone massage 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  9. Hi Guys Would someone can send me private message about her? Have appointment next week wondering if I can excepting anything interesting? Thank you! Best regards
  10. Is coming 🙂 The city could soon cut ties with adult-oriented businesses operating in Winnipeg. In a unanimous vote, the Mayor’s Executive Policy Committee voted in favour of a report to repeal licensing requirements and rules for escort agencies, escorts, body rub parlours and body rub practitioners. “This would be obviously a very big change and a historic change,” said Mayor Brian Bowman. The move comes after advocates fighting against human trafficking and sexual exploitation of women and girls urged the city to end the licensing regime. “The city is the pimp, it endorses it, and we don’t want to be seen as that way,” said advocate Joy Smith. They say the businesses are prone to sex trafficking and exploitation and that the city should not profit from this. “Body rub parlours, escort services, and other so-called adult businesses are conduits to the horrific abuse of women and girls,” said Smith. According to the report, the city currently issues licenses for two body parlours, 27 body rub practitioners, one independent escort agency and one escort. It says ending the license requirement would cost the city around $23,000. “Let’s not make laws to benefit the few when we know it harms the most,” said Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre Executive Director Diane Redsky. But the committee did not support the entire report. In a 4-3 vote against, it rejected a plan that would see training for community organizations and taxi drivers to recognize signs of sexual exploitation and trafficking. Some sex workers raised concerns this type of training could expose them to unwanted surveillance and force them underground. Claudyne Chevrier, a researcher who has studied sex work, says sex trafficking and sex work should not be lumped together in the same sentence. “We’re talking about two different realities, and there are many, many sex workers who are not at all trafficked,” said Chevrier. This now moves to council for a final vote.
  11. I just did, will confirm later
  12. I work from morning to 5 pm I called so many legit rmt places and they don't have any free spot available with female massage.
  13. well I need to match it with my work so is not that easy 🙃
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