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  1. Although I have not seen her in person. I am 100% that she is real.
  2. With the isolation requirements lifting. Does anyone know of the VIPOTG ladies will make a return to Halifax?
  3. I have not seen her but she is verified with reviews in Nova Scotia and Alberta.
  4. Is the service typical to vipotg?
  5. Anyone know if Mya retired? https://escortfish.ch/ad/view/wanna-have-some-fun-with-a-busty-petite-brunette/7191608
  6. Is she not as fit as advertised?
  7. Patiently waiting on your review!
  8. Have you seen her? I haven’t found any reviews.
  9. If you are patient. Get some posts and reviews, and wait on them posting in the schedule section. They will state "for new customers send pm prior to your call" You may get lucky then and get in, once you are in it is super easy to get appointments.
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