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  1. Seems to be a long history of advertising on the Montreal area board, even so much as advertising Lucky on that board being in Halifax. Would be one of the less risky ones to go visit IMO. Take one for the team and report back!
  2. She is the girl in the photos, that is saying something about an asian ad!
  3. I was lucky enough to spend some time with Cherry. She is a delight. Very talented and super nice to chat with afterwards. Hope she decides to come back to Halifax sometime in the future.
  4. She is currently advertising. https://www.leolist.cc/d/lilithslair
  5. I guarantee you would not be the first. She is either a hidden gem that everyone is keeping to themselves! Or the opposite.
  6. Positive reviews on other boards across the country. I don't see any red flags.
  7. I saw her this afternoon, everything above is indeed true!
  8. Have you been with hotcarpenterkitty? I don't think you will find a more fit local girl.
  9. Ava Marie should fit the requirements that you are seeking. I have not personally visited with her (yet!), but I can say she comes highly recommended on this board, and also does duo's with many who are also recommended here.
  10. Izzy has some reviews in the NS section.
  11. There are pictures of Lily Rose on YFL's site. Appears to be a new girl, doesn't resemble the old Rose.
  12. I also spent an hour with this lovely YFL girl. She is indeed busty, all natural too! If you like the big bust, tiny girl look, don't hesitate to book. She is very friendly, fun to chat with and an absolute doll.
  13. She has an Onlyfans. If you are curious, spend the $10-$20 to subscribe! You will either be booking an appointment, or made a small investment to ensure they are not for you.
  14. As I read reviews of the VIP girls from there other location, I sure do miss them being in Halifax!😞
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