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  1. Being alittle lazy maybe , but I read though all the threats but so hard to follow with all the switching , looking for a recommended Asian provider that’s currently here… thanks in advance
  2. Crazy question: but is that her in the photos?
  3. She also has a ad up calling herself crystal https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/greater-toronto/markham_special_krystal_deep_tissue_mass_prostate_mass-6458294
  4. I tried too, no answer back
  5. Don’t see any reviews , photos look too good to be true https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_dartmouth_new_arrvied_gfe_no_rush_good_blow_bbbj-8818499
  6. Guess this confirms new
  7. Some thinking , there was the ad for baby , and reviews said not same lady but better , but she left a few days ago , so this is a new one to fill her spot that we are t sure about yet
  8. I think it’s about finding that connection, try the ladies in the recommended till you find one that checks all the boxes, I could recommend one a d you think I’m crazy
  9. I see Cindy Cindy is coming back, found limited reviews , anyone able to comment on her looks? No photos on ad.. also I tried to google it , but what’s a Tryst massage ?
  10. And Sonia has a beautiful face too, and those lips!!!! Worth the visit
  11. Awesome sounds good ! I’ll repeat “Don’t be a Moron” lol
  12. With these travelling girls, obviously they stay in hotels , anyone ever encounter issues with staff saying anything or questioning you?
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