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  1. I had the pleasure of seeing Jordyn again this evening. Even better than the first time. She's very down to earth, and a lot of fun. I wish I could see her more often, but alas. Fella's, treat her right!
  2. Juicy Jordyn has an ad up right now, it says she's 26, red hair, different phone#... https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_other_juicy_jordyn_slippery_when_wet_extremepleasure-4483440 Jordyn's phone # ends in 5822, see ad above. She's legit.
  3. This is NOT Juicy Jordyn. I posted a reco for Juicy Jordyn about a week ago. Unsure who the person in that ad is. Sorry you had a bad experience, dude.
  4. Had the opportunity to meet the lovely Jordyn yesterday ("Juicy Jordyn" in her LL ad). I think she said she was around 5'2". I didn't see any reccos for her yet, and I don't TOFFT often, but there was something special about her photos, which are 100% accurate. She does duos with Taylor, as well. She isn't on Lyla yet, but I told her about this site, so hopefully she will join soon. Fellas, I'm SO glad I met her. It was a bit last minute for me - I had had a couple drinks, but she was sweet, accommodating, and booking was straightforward. Her in-call location in Dartmouth was safe, with discrete access. She's gorgeous. Those eyes, that hair.. wow. I was VERY happy to be there. I felt at ease right away (well, a bit nervous, as we all are when we meet someone new). I wish i had booked 2 hours, as we had such a good time. We chatted about so many things, and I was in no rush to leave, we had such a great connection, chemistry, what have you. It felt very real. Activities were fun, passionate and highly enjoyable. I will definitely see her again, for that, and because she's a really nice person. Its the next day, but I'm still thinking about her.
  5. She has an account here on Lyla, but looks like it was just used the once on July 23 or so.
  6. I messaged her about a week ago and she said she only offered relaxation massage, no extras :/
  7. I've been talking with her, and have made plans to see her very soon. She seems great!
  8. Anyone seen Brooke Diamond? They're a Lyla member, but usually post their ads on Leolist. I was thinking of seeing her this weekend and need advice. https://www.brookediamond.net/ https://www.leolist.cc/d/BrookeDiamonds I searched here on Lyla but didn't see any reccos. A couple articles had minor red flags, but I can't tell if they're about different people with the same name - hard to tell, as the posts link to BP, which is gone now. Anyone?
  9. Noticed ads on Leolist were missing pictures, even for established SPs that I know have images in their ads on other sites. If I was connected to a VPN node in the US, the images would not load. If I switched to a VPN node in Canada, they would. Interesting.
  10. I've been lucky, I've never received a handshake, always a hug. Whenever I meet someone new, I don't assume - I'm in their space, we're just meeting each other, and I want them to be comfortable with me. In all cases, the lady has always warmly hugged me, which is a great ice-breaker. Even better, the hug usually includes a warm, slow kiss (or 3) - THAT sets the mood, and melts the rest of our world away.
  11. A lot of my favorite providers have updated their lyla profiles with all the websites they are listed on - this makes it easy to keep in contact with them, as well as help other ladies find places to post (besides Lyla, of course). Check yours, they may have already done that. You can add their URLs and contact#s to the "My Notes" tab in Lyla for safekeeping. Above all, no matter what sites we use, we need to ensure we treat this hobby with integrity and respect.
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