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  1. Tejjet

    Still working?

    A much more responsible approach would be to have a dedicated client that wants to visit a dedicated SP 2,3,4 or more times a month and only see each other till this crisis is over. A suggestion that some might think about if they haven’t already. Again, everyone might not agree with this but it is an alternative.
  2. Tejjet

    Still working?

    I agree! Nobody knows who has covid 19. You could be infected without knowing for 2 weeks. If someone wants to come see you, they would probably lie that they were not out of the country even though they had been. No symptoms yet, infecting SP’s. SP’s visit their families. Mom and grandma get it. 2 weeks to live for at least one them. Is $200 worth losing someone special. Leolist should be shut down for now. This is a war that distancing will win. Faster we all cooperate, the faster it will all get back to normal and you don’t have to pay rent if you can’t right now. You can’t get evicted. Almost everyone is in the same boat. Work together from a distance and we will get through these tough times faster than our neighboring country will.
  3. Tejjet


    I saw her a few months ago when she was here and I agree 100% with onepound.
  4. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_bayers_lakeincall_sweet_treat_i_love_to_party-5862592 She says her photos are verified but they are not officially verified.
  5. I think you mean Anais from YFL. I agree, I also feel bad for those who missed Juicy Jess. Saw her 3 times in one week. I never do that!
  6. Tejjet


    I think you should enjoy this particular provider as often as you can because her availability will eventually disappear. Maybe a week, a month or year from now! Enjoy while you can, knowing it will end! In the meantime you should book with a very high end provider or two, to diminish these thoughts! Elsa from BLE is here now and I’ve read reviews that she is top notch in looks and service. Seeing a few top notch Montreal women is a good start to sleeping soundly, in my opinion!
  7. Just finished a visit with Raina from VIP based on the brief discussion from a few days ago! She is probably early 20’s, beautiful, with a very nice body and very cute and perky B’s . Height and weight are fairly accurate. Attitude and Service and Appearance were all excellent! I would definitely repeat and ymmv but Kissing was also a highlight! Here for a few to several more days! Thoroughly enjoyed my time with Raina!
  8. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_outcall_sweetest_from_out_of_town_britt-5667834 Any info on this girl? She has been posting for a while now!
  9. I just visitied Dana from YFL today and WOW! Her pictures do not do her justice. She is very beautiful! Beautiful naturals and DFK . Excellent attitude and service! Would definitively repeat! Tomorrow morning and afternoon is your last chance to see her this trip! Another wonderful addition to The YFL team!
  10. Tejjet

    Any one saw Mia

    I’m interested also in knowing more! Anyone seen her? She’s leaving soon
  11. Tejjet

    Reviews On SP's

    Totally agree 100% with Rambler! Totally different than this site was a couple years ago.
  12. And her pictures were verified by Leolist! Buyer beware! Be very aware!
  13. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_150hh_college_girl_rina_just_arrived_in_halifax-540431 Any info?
  14. Tejjet

    Great kissing

    Blaire Champagne is the best in my books! I saw her several times in her first year and she’s a fantastic kisser! Ymmv as always and I haven’t seen her ad in a few weeks!
  15. Tejjet

    New VIP girl?

    She has enhanced bust on a spinner body! Her service and skills are exemplary and she should not be missed! True gfe!