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  1. This is good intel!! Are her stats accurate? 105 lbs and 20 yrs? How pretty? I miss VIPOTG also!! More than I thought I would! PM if needed. Thanks!
  2. TOFTT. Just had a visit with new Maya French from YFL . No previous reviews that I found! She is a great addition to the YFL roster! Great attitude and skills you will be floored when she disrobes! Fit, tight and lean ! WOW! She’s 21 and goes to the gym! You can definitely tell! Well worth the price of admission gents! She was born and raised in Montreal. I recommend you pay her a visit! I’m glad I did!
  3. I saw her as Angela French a few years ago! Now she goes by Amy!
  4. I TOFTT visiting Brand new Juliette from YFL as it is her first trip to Halifax and I found no previous reviews on the only other city she visited! I’m here to tell you that she far exceeded my expectations! GND look , incredible body, fantastic attitude, and aims to please! She is friendly and will put you at ease instantly! And that a$$! One of the best in the biz! Great skills! She is a definite repeat for me! So give her a friendly but Firm Halifax welcome and make sure she returns to our great city!
  5. I saw Anais from YFL last night and had a fantastic gfe! I saw her a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed my second visit as well! For those of you that are hesitating to see her because of her mid thirties age on her profile, you are making a big mistake! Her beautiful face looks to be late 20’s and her perfectly tight body seems to be mid twenties! You won’t be disappointed! Smart, sexy and beautiful and has NOT put on any extra Covid pounds! She’s only here for a couple more days!
  6. I saw her a few years ago! Search “Jordan jay” in this forum for my post! Exxxtremely rushed to the point of leaving if you don’t finish within 20 min. No repeat
  7. I got an appointment! She’s the best of the best! Has a large following, hasn’t been here for about 6 months or so and only here for 3 days! I would think that you would have to be quick to book!
  8. Very sad. news to report 🌹 Rose French is no longer on the YFL roster! She was a true superstar and will be greatly missed by her favourite city Halifax! Thanks Rose for all the great visits! About a dozen in total and perfection every time! Her attitude skills and charisma were top notch! I guess there is always a chance for a comeback! I will be first in line! I wish you the very best Rose French! I hope all your dreams come true!
  9. Very sad news to report! Rose 🌹 is no longer on the roster at YFL! She was a true superstar and will be greatly missed by her favourite city Halifax! I wish her the very best! Thanks Rose for all the great visits! Perfection every time! There is always a possibility of a comeback! That would be sweet!
  10. I look at Leolist when I’m in Halifax but when in Montreal I don’t even bother! The ads for bbfs are on LL? Are they even real? Who cares? Almost nobody bothers to find out! Montreal has a dozen or more agencies that protect you from getting scammed and none of them offer this unprotected service! GFE needs to be stopped! Hmmm! Where do I sign up? Lol. My biggest fears when in Montreal is getting stung by a 🐝 as I am severely allergic, then catching Covid on 🚇, eating pu**y is a very distant 3rd! Everyone needs to play the game the way they’re comfortable!
  11. “Unprotected service” You make it sound so dirty! I prefer to call it GFE and lets be clear! Unprotected FS is NOT offered in Montreal! I hope you’re not implying that! GFE is what they offer and actually they excel at it! There must be a reason all of Canada and Northern U.S. flock to Montreal for this hobby! GFE with Quality women and fantastic attitudes is why and the sexy accents don’t hurt either!
  12. Winnipeg has always had Polo park and downtown locations! When Halifax is added you will see Halifax as well as Polo park and downtown Winnipeg! 3 locations in total! I really enjoyed VIP but NS has to open up to phase 5 which they are supposed to do in the coming days, flights have to be reasonable and VIP has to be able to source the quality of girls that we are accustomed to then you will see a return to Halifax! Hopefully soon but sourcing quality Asian girls is more than likely their biggest challenge right now!
  13. I don’t see Halifax added to their site yet and if you’re talking about Momoko on LL , that is unfortunately not Vipotg! I think it may be a bit longer wait but I’m hopeful YFL should be returning to Halifax in a big way in the next month! When I’m not in Montreal for pleasure, YFL is my go to!!!!
  14. It would be wise to note that the stats say 5’5 160lbs and the pictures look to be the body of a 135-140lb lady! I would advise caution especially if you’re under 5’8.
  15. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_barbiedoll_ava_1_downtown_incall_outcalls_duos-6364131?source=list https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_fun_sexy_jasmine_downtown_halifax_duos_cum_play_with_me-6363737?source=list Here are updated profiles of Ava and duo partner that cannot be trusted!
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