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  1. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_barbiedoll_ava_1_downtown_incall_outcalls_duos-6364131?source=list https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_fun_sexy_jasmine_downtown_halifax_duos_cum_play_with_me-6363737?source=list Here are updated profiles of Ava and duo partner that cannot be trusted!
  2. You should always google the phone number and do image searches! This being said, this is an Alberta phone #. Anyone with an Alberta or B.C. phone # and a deposit is a hard no! No research is required! Just avoid! Never give a deposit ahead of a meet!
  3. Thanks for your input! Checking the closet and bathroom are something you learn in your first year of hobbying! I asked her if anyone was in the closet or bathroom and she said yes! This is not a deal breaker for me as long as it’s the duo partner! This happened to me personally about 5-10% of the time! If they’re honest about it and I get a good gut instinct I’m fine with it! 90% of the time you can tell by their eyes if you should walk! Unfortunately, 10% are evil naturally and their eyes don’t show signs of deceit! It is extremely rare for me to get burned but it is a natural part of hobbying! One thing I can say for sure is that I cannot wait for YFL and VIPOTG to come back to Halifax full time so that this hobby can be the way it is intended to be! Fun and worry free! Also thank the dozen or so trusted Lyla ladies that this community relies on so much! You know who you are!
  4. I would avoid! Went to see her tonight! Did the exchange and couple minutes later her duo partner #{1173) comes out of the bathroom and says her boyfriend is on his way up and I need to get out! I asked to undo the exchange but she said she would text me in 15 minutes! I waited an hour and sent her a couple texts! Waste of time and money! Saw her once before! Went okay except she made me wait for 45 min even though we had a scheduled appointment! Won’t get fooled again! Ava changes names often! I guess I know why!
  5. Melanie Rose just announced a trip to the valley April 20 on schedules and announcements! I’ve never seen her but there are good comments about her! It would be an excellent option!
  6. I saw her about 3 years ago! She went by Lil Lilly back then. I saw her a few times! She was one of my favourites! Pretty face, no rush and good personality and fun! She hasn’t been on LL for about 3 years!
  7. I saw her for the 10th time 2 days ago! She is still top notch and hotel does not require sign in!
  8. Her phone # from London is an App #! She advertised with a 902 # when she first came on the scene!
  9. I just returned from a visit with Mandy! I have to agree with everything Mikeyboy said about her and will have to add that she has absolutely gorgeous eyes on a very attractive face and body! I will point out that she gives excellent eye contact and it was appreciated that she dolled herself up for the event! A pleasant surprise when she opened the door! She will be back Monday for those interested!
  10. I’ve seen her a couple years ago! I agree that you wouldn’t go wrong seeing her! Her service was good when I saw her and probably very similar now as she is a total sweetheart and wouldn’t want you to leave unhappy.
  11. All you need to do is google the phone # and you will find that she changed her name from Kim, Amanda and now Payton! Has ads in different provinces and changes identities! We’ve already talked about this one ! Scammer! Asks for a deposit before meeting!
  12. Seeing as you are new to this, it is extremely important to have a great experience your first time around! If you do not, you might not stick around for a second experience. My advice is to view the thread called”what’s a guy to do” on the 2nd page! This thread gives you dozens of safe and legit choices to choose from! Look for your preferred body type and go for the safe experience! Choosing a provider with no recommendation will get you burned 70-80 % of the time! If I were to give you a first time reco it would be Ms Manda. Other providers that need to be added to the safe list are Maria DD, Barbie doll Hailey, sexy student Jamie. Good Luck!
  13. Vipotg seems to be in a holding position. Not sending anyone to Halifax for the time being. There needs to be more communication(reviews) when a good VIP provider comes to town so they are busy enough and continue to send Quality to Halifax.
  14. I would also like to here If Peyton is advertising! Especially, in Moncton or Halifax! Maritime tour! Halifax is starving for new talent with YFL on hold in Halifax.
  15. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_new_in_town_this_week_only-6039467. I did some image searches and nothing came up.
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