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  1. Tejjet

    Any one saw Mia

    I’m interested also in knowing more! Anyone seen her? She’s leaving soon
  2. Tejjet

    Reviews On SP's

    Totally agree 100% with Rambler! Totally different than this site was a couple years ago.
  3. And her pictures were verified by Leolist! Buyer beware! Be very aware!
  4. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_150hh_college_girl_rina_just_arrived_in_halifax-540431 Any info?
  5. Tejjet

    Great kissing

    Blaire Champagne is the best in my books! I saw her several times in her first year and she’s a fantastic kisser! Ymmv as always and I haven’t seen her ad in a few weeks!
  6. Tejjet

    New VIP girl?

    She has enhanced bust on a spinner body! Her service and skills are exemplary and she should not be missed! True gfe!
  7. Anyone seen verified Alexa yet that can comment on her service? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_xy_g_w_t_t_ght_t_m_p_t-4976268
  8. I can vouch for Blaire champagne as a top notch provider as I have seen her five times and she never disappoints! I rarely repeat with most! One of my all time faves for sure!
  9. Tejjet

    Vipotg Spring

    I think it’s a combination of luck, timing, persistence and patience! Your length of time as a member of Lyla has something to do with it also! Just speculating! Not sure exactly what the formula is.
  10. I saw Vipotg’s latest Spring and a very memorable experience! She is pretty, mid twenties , excellent oral skills , b cup , skinny and lots of fun! She is a true GFE and am very glad I went to see her! This hobby is like Russian Roulette! Vipotg has taken the Russian out of Roulette! It’s all fun and games now with young gorgeous Asian women! Thank you Vipotg for finally letting me in a couple months ago. Enjoy Spring! Here for at least another week or so.
  11. Not bad news for me! She’s in Halifax and that’s where I live! Have you seen her(Monica) ? I hope Haruko comes to Halifax!
  12. Any info on Monica from VIPOTG last week You can PM me if you like. Age estimate, how pretty and how slender is what I’m looking for
  13. Tejjet


    I also have had the pleasure of seeing Honey the other night! Very sweet girl, very pretty, great attitude and service! Worth a visit! She is very close to a C cup and age estimate is early to mid twenties.
  14. Tejjet

    Tina and jen ?

    Scam! Advertising in Halifax and Saint John on same day! I believe only minutes apart. Stay away!
  15. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_1st_time_in_halifax_alyciia_100_real_from_quebec-4702386 anyone see this lovely lady yet?