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  1. Can you share link please? I have not seen it myself. Thanks
  2. So I took one for the team here. She's real but not her pics. We can all agree that it would have been a long shot if they were! Pic are similar however and she is cute. Not as much on top as in pics but young and firm. Raincoat went on right away even tho the ad says otherwise but decent skills. Downside is that she rushes and was tapping on phone at least 3 different occasions. French girl with limited English which proved challenging but not impossible. May repeat if she slows down a bit cause she is built nice with a cute face.
  3. I too would be interested in that info. Pm me as well if need be.
  4. If it's same one Racks is referring to, I know who you mean. I'd visit her again! Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
  5. Looks like Kelly rotated to another location. Apple has replaced GaGa. I was looking forward to seeing Kelly too. I will agree tho, GaGa is a close second to Kelly. Any info on Apple? Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
  6. This little gem has plenty of excellent reviews but after the great time I had the other night with her, I really thought that she needed another in this area. I texted her to set up an appointment and she got back to me shortly there after. Couple of quick texts later we had a time setup that night. It's been awhile since she was in Kingston last and I missed the chance then to see her. This time I wasn't gonna let her slip away, so I made sure not to be late. Do yourself a favor and look over her website. All the info is there and saved me a bunch of texts about rates and restrictions. The hotel was convenient, clean and discreet. She greeted me at the door in a cute outfit and the pictures are her. She is sweet and innocent looking with a slim and trim little body. Perky comes to mind. She set me to ease and we had an extremely good time together. She does do a really good massage as well. All her skills are impressive and I'm sure you'll leave very satisfied! I really hope that Kingston treats her good and she'll come back more often.
  7. I think all 3 are run by the same people. Same Lady at NF was at Station and visa versa. When I called the third, I'm pretty sure I was talking to one of the other Ladies. I could be wrong about the one on College, but the sales pitch was identical. Good massage and.. Not who they advertise tho.
  8. Do you mean this Trinity? http://belleville.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/staringyou-me-mind-skillzcremedela-creme/35936257 or http://kingston.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/trinitylove-in-calls-my-home-100-i-offer-it-all-safe-discreet-unrushed-great-reviews/34763329 Looks like there's a Trinity STAR in Belleville and a Trinity LOVE in Kingston (Formerly of Belleville and Barrie) I would like info on either myself actually
  9. Happy Birthday Beautiful! Can't wait to see you again when I ever make it your way. Have a wonderful day!
  10. Has anyone seen here since she moved to Kingston?
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