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  1. It's been a while since I posted a recommendation. Today is a good day to do so. This one is for the French lovers of the "langue de Molière", and for those who like tall brunette model type. Bonne lecture. [email protected]: Depuis quelques temps, je lisais les posts de Dasha Ivanov sur Twitter @Dasha_Ivanov_ et sa beauté statuesque et mystérieuse m’ont à la fois intrigué et séduit. Établie à Montréal, mais effectuant des tournées à Toronto et quelquefois à Ottawa, Dasha est une beauté à rencontrer absolument. Grande avec des jambes à faire damne run saint, un visage sublime et une taille de mannequin. Elle pourrait être la sœur jumelle de la célèbre Emily Ratajkowski. Dès notre rencontre, elle a su me mettre à l’aise, et son accueil avec son sourire radieux m’a fait sentir comme si nous étions des amants de longue date. Son sourire illumine son visage et m’a fait découvrir une personnalité attachante, charmante et distinguée. Elle a tout pour plaire. Elle est d’une sensualité douce et naturelle qui m’a fait glisser vers le plaisir des ébats charmants et joyeux, et intenses, où les caresses et les baisers nous ont conduits, ensemble, vers l’extase ultime. Que du bonheur ! Il y a de ces rencontres, celles qui nous surprennent alors que nos attentes sont surpassées, au point comme si c’était la première fois, la première découverte, le premier plaisir d’être enveloppé par une déesse d’amour. Eh bien, Dasha est cette déesse dont on ne veut plus se séparer, qui nous laisse une impression profonde qu’elle nous habitera éternellement. La rencontrerez-vous ? Pour moi, c’est évident! At Euphoriagirls.com in Montreal, and also in Toronto
  2. [email protected] For some time, I was reading Dasha Ivanov's posts on Twitter @Dasha_Ivanov_ and her statuesque and mysterious beauty have both intrigued and seduced me. Based in Montreal, but touring in Toronto and sometimes in Ottawa, Dasha is a must-see beauty. Tall with legs to damn a saint, a sublime face and a model size; she could be the twin sister of the famous Emily Ratajkowski. As soon as we met, she was able to put me at ease, and her welcome with her radiant smile made me feel as if we were long-time lovers. Her smile illuminates her face and made me discover an endearing, charming and distinguished personality. She's got it all. It is of a sweet and natural sensuality that has made me slide towards the pleasure of charming and joyful frolics, and intense, where caresses and kisses have led us, together, to the ultimate ecstasy. Pure joy! There are some encounters, those that surprise us when our expectations are surpassed, to the point as if it were the first time, the first discovery, the first pleasure of being enveloped by a goddess of love. Well, Dasha is this goddess from whom we no longer want to separate, who leaves us with a deep impression that she will inhabit us forever. Will you meet her? For me, again and again, it's obvious!
  3. [email protected] Charm, beauty and humour I could not resist to make a recommendation for [email protected] since my first encounter with this delicious young lady. Definitively Brass Club has a true talent to discover fine ladies as Dylan is. Tall with a dream figure, Dylan has eyes and an irresistible smile that will warm you up even in the coldest of the winter. She is one of the too rare lady that wears short hair that’s so charming. Her beautiful face, eyes and smile are just glowing. My encounter with her was a mix of sensuality and humour, since she has the talent to make all your senses excited, and laugh with you during these moments of intensity. Quite uplifting! If your quest is for a bright and beautiful young lady, with beautiful eyes and a glowing smile, tall with a dynamite figure, great sense of humour, cool and down to earth, Dyl[email protected] is your girl. For me she is!
  4. Finding that special "je ne sais quoi" in a lady is, for me, a blessing of life. Charm is that profound gift of life given to only few. And Charm is Jenna. A true beauty, inside and out, a charisma that makes you feel you're the only one, a fantasy that will make you smile, a passion to light your own. I present you, Jenna. Jenna is a blond beauty, tall and bright. Her massage approach is an experience of sensuality and communication, and passion. A moment of eternity. CMJ has the talent to find exceptional ladies; Jenna is, for sure, one of them. Will I repeat? What do you think ? Again and again.
  5. Itâ??s a gift of life when you meet people that are unique, genuine and original. Well, thatâ??s my experience with Fiora Manson. I met her when she was Porcelain @ the Brass Club, as a massage attendant. Now she is indy and offers courtesan services, for my great pleasure. Fiora is a petite spinner who is a piece of art in progress. Her tattoos and piercings are of exceptional of beauty and taste, and are in full harmony with her personality. She is creative, with a subtle sense of humour, open-minded with a great deal of interiority, and a femininity where sensuality rimes with strength and intuition. A unique mix. A beautiful mix. A very interesting mix. Very. She is a young lady, a beautiful one, fit and flexible, and very feminine, with her soft hands and perfect porcelain skin, and a smile and eyes that will melt you to the bottom of your heart. It has melted mine, for sure. What can I say more, the whole encounter was as original and passionate; the whole package, I may say.
  6. Being already a big fan of tattoo, I was, at first sight, seduced by this wonderful girl of Brass Club. Porcelain is a petite alt young lady, but has a beauty that is all over around. Her tattoos are a piece of art but do not hide her "porcelain" skin and her beautiful figure.. My session with her was more than relaxing and unexpected! She has a gift to give a full massage where all your knots will be released, and a talent to built up a very pleasant tension. She is in charge! But very softly, and the only thing I wanted to do was to let go and trust her ability to make me feel good, oh, so good. A very nice moment for me, for sure. The Brass Club is fantastic: a superb place, location is A1, and the girls have a talent to make you feel like a king. I'll be back, for sure, and often...
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