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  1. OK no reopening April...now their Facebook page posted a couple days ago they are getting ready for it. Guess we'll see...
  2. Heard from a dancer yesterday that Go Go is re-opening again later in April.
  3. Anyone know if Go Go is open again yet?
  4. Go Go's facebook page says they won't open until restrictions are lefted since they can only have 25% capacity and they only have 120 capacity to start with. Most of the time they didn't have 30 cusomters in there so I don't know what their problem is.
  5. I was confusing the Cab with Go Go. I way preferred the Cabaret, the girls there, the vip, the bartender. The atmosphere was more like a neighborhood club then a frat place, I really miss that place.
  6. Apparently Pigale's is open again. Anyone been there? Are there dances downstairs? What's the mask situation??
  7. I miss the Cab. So many great times there. But this 15 month enforced holiday from SC's has me thinking i might not be returning.
  8. Thanks to both of you, Notch and Green. Its' a fantasy yes but I also think it may be a way to work certain things through, though i guess that's what all fantasies do. I want both a real and open conversation and the "other" part of it... Yes, there are a couple of fetish SPs I've seen and trust who may be just the person. I think I posted here because I wondered if this was a "thing," that there were SWs who did this kind of thing. That maybe it was a common thing some guys looked for.
  9. You are right, Greenteal, there are some pretty attractive sex therapists in Kingston...but I don't think they'd want me touching myself while we talk so that's why I thought maybe a SW would be a good idea...
  10. I have many fetishes, from clothing choices to acts to personalities to parts of the body... Over the years, some have dropped away and others have arisen. Some I have never been able to fulfil and probably never will. Some I have found a friend or SP who has helped fulfil and I am grateful.
  11. Where or how would I find an attractive woman I could have in person "therapy" talk sessions with, a smart empathetic women (maybe some counseling or therapy training) I could talk about my sex issues with, no contact (though maybe some contact with myself during it).
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