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  1. I don't recognize the name Isabelle, can you describe her please?
  2. You'd think fom this thread I'm the only customer who goes to Go Go. I had a tale of two body types there, both were good times. First was Aliya (not sure if spelt right): a bleached blond thick girl with a huge and admirable ass and DD boobs.. She didnt see all that happy on stage but off she was sassy and fun. We went up for a very nice time in CR and it was quite an experience to be grinded by that bountiful butt. Later went up with Audrey, a newer girl who really enjoyed herself on stage, she's tall and very slim, lovley B boobs, wears glasses, looks a bit geeky but really sexy and lots of fun. Another great time in CR. Leah, Harmony, Lula all there too and a few girls i didn't recognize. The girl at the door and the waitresses all extremely hot.
  3. 1. Cookie at Pigales. Incredibly sexy, great hardbody, kinky kinky and breath-taking stage show. 2. Bridgette of Barbs. Well, she was still working into 2019 so I'm including her. Softcore dream, smart, sexy, gorgeous. 3. Sarah at Playmate. Just found her wildly sexy and so much fun in the CR.
  4. Visited Pigale this past weekend and the trips to VIP were hit and miss as awlays but the hits were really good. Era and Sol both have very different looks and dancing styles but they are definitely going to be repeats. Great ladies and both gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.
  5. Very long time since I've been to Go Go and was pleasantly surprised, they had an assortment of women, not everyone to all tastes of course, but I'd say there was five or six who were in the 7-10 rating category. Had great dances with spinner Leah, very pretty brunette with a tight well built body and a great personality. Then met chocolate Victoria who I'd never seen before, beautiful face, really smooth nice body, small lovley boobs and really great dances upstairs. There were a few other girls I would've like to dance but hopefully next time. I still like the neighborhood vibe of this little place.
  6. Thanks for the info, Rocky and Kennedy. She's amazing, I try to plan my trips to the area for when she's going to be working.
  7. Any Cookie sightings in recent weeks? No mention of her since June. Thanks for any info
  8. Rare I'm there in the afternoon. Had the good fortune of meeting Sarah, who is like a fantasy come true for me. Great girl, gorgeous, and a really fun time in VIP. Will definitely see her again!
  9. I'm so glad I got to see you a few times in Ottawa, Luxe. You are an intelligent, sweet and beautiful woman. I wish you the best in your new future!
  10. I realize in my post above, Snow went by the name Alana at Barbs. So, Alana and Bridgette. Two unforgettables.
  11. I will drink a toast to Barbs from afar. Though I haven't been there much in the last few years I have many great memories of the place. So many truly beautiful women there, a great neighborhood vibe, friendly staff. Two gorgeous, intelligent women stand out for me there: Snow, who retired four or five years ago, and Bridgette, who retired last week. Both were exceptional at doing best what a good dancer does (in my opinion anyway): making the customer feel very very special. I was lucky enough to see Bridgette again a couple of times this year and I'm still dizzy from those visits to the CR. Here's to Barbs and to a great future for all the sexy women who tantalized us from the stage.
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