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  1. I agree it is if done properly but how many of your clients can do it properly?
  2. Do ladies really enjoy daty from clients even if the clients don’t know how to do it properly? Would you rather forgo the activity than receiving bad daty?
  3. Hugs always. It set the mood for proper chemistry soon to follow. If a gentleman can't take a hug, what is he expecting out of the session?
  4. Met Sweet EmilyJ a couple of months ago and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Emily was the first SP I saw and I had not idea what to expect. She took no time to get me to relax from her sweet smile and that first kiss. We started to talk to calm my nerves and then things naturally evolved. From the time I set foot in the door to the last cuddles and each of us quivering from the another, Emily took great care of me and I left with a big smile on my face. Thank you Emily!!
  5. Would it be bad form to discuss the possibility of a duo (with specific details/expectations) with an SP towards the end of our first encounter if I find we have a connections?
  6. What are the impression of the ladies to conservative posting contributors like myself. Not that I do not have questions but I can usually find the answers I am looking for after spending some time browsing through the multitude of forums on this site. I prefer to research than waste someone else's time to answer my query.
  7. I prefer the natural look with a suggestion of naughtiness. For example, a business suit with one more button undone than should be or casual clothing with an off the shoulder on one side.
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