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  1. How was your experience with this lady?

  2. Haven’t seen anything on her in weeks. Is she off the radar? Anyone heard anything? Not responding and can’t connect. Was a regular. Anyone else in the same boat?
  3. Czar Casm

    Sara kijiji and leolist

    I seem to be getting an abundance of inquiries on Sarah, to which I don’t mind sharing my experience. Would you mind sharing yours? And we can compare notes after? Cheers Czar
  4. Anyone heard where she's at? No activity for about 2-3 weeks. She done?
  5. Czar Casm

    Sexy Lexi

    Any info on Sexi Lexxi that posts on LL?
  6. Stale availability dates on her site. Not responding to any texts calls.
  7. Czar Casm

    Sara kijiji and leolist

    Have seen her. Pm me and I’ll tune you in. Czar
  8. Czar Casm

    Lady Reighn

    Finally connected with her. TOFTT. Area in Dartmouth not my favourite, place was clean. Went ahead anyway. Not that compelled to do again. Will likely try some other positively reviewed SPs.
  9. Czar Casm

    Abby from leolist. Feedback???

    Made contact with her this week, but she was slow on the reply, and when she did respond to being available she said she was at the mall and busy. Take it from there. She does look fun though.
  10. Have sent her texts, although realized after she prefers direct contact by phone. Called, her voice mail is full, but she did respond to my text and then answered my call. Been trying for a day and half to book an appointment but no return call or reply yet. I don't mind TOFTT if I can connect. Anyone else had any success? She sounds like a lot of fun once you get through her post.
  11. Czar Casm

    Lady Reighn

    Any body have any info on her
  12. Ok so same girl. Begs the question, has anyone TOFTT yet on Ashley or Amber or whatever their names are? Big Booty! Wow! Open to PM if anyone wants to share.
  13. Czar Casm

    Sensations with Cassandra

    No photos needed. She’s not stunning by any stretch, but packs a whole lot of fun in her sessions. Not rushed. Clean safe location. A somewhat older vintage than posted, closer to 50 than 38. You won’t regret your time. Give her a try.
  14. Czar Casm

    Exotic massage

    Saw Sara recently, took one for the team! A much older vintage than posted. Clean upscale location. Great deep tissue massage, no FS! Extras a little pricey.
  15. Czar Casm

    Exotic massage

    I’ve talked to her a couple of times, but haven’t been able to firm up an appointment yet. I too am curious about her and don’t mind TOFTT. Hear she has an upscale location in Bedford. Cheers Czar