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  1. This is a total stab in the dark but maybe five years ago when Backpage was still a thing, there was an escort based in Halifax that I saw a couple of times. She went by Stephanie. Unfortunately, I don't have any of the pics from her ad and no way to get in touch with her now. She was very thin, paleish, very tiny and petite features, probably early twenties, brownish hair with a natural red tinge maybe, white. I realize this is like looking for a needle in a haystack but I'm wondering if anyone might know an independent escort that fits her profile? She's amazing and I'd love to hire her again.
  2. I'm looking for any escorts based in or that routinely come to the Annapolis Valley area? Anywhere from Wolfville to Digby really. Can anyone help me out?
  3. Hoping she's still around. Know how to find her?
  4. I’m looking for Cassie. Maybe it’s the same girl? As is gone, you got a pic?
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