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  1. lostsoul

    Rebecca LL

    She is real, she is Miss Bliss duo partner as well
  2. You want tiny? Try bliss. I don't think they can come any smaller and be legal. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_bl0w_j0b_better_than_v_agra-5884107
  3. lostsoul

    Ashley Slutty

    I saw her, sweet girl from montreal safe service. Pictures are her.
  4. such confusion, you guys are talking about allyfaye this girl is not her, just read a little.
  5. I tried to spend time with her last night but she was too busy. Hopeful for next time I get to Halifax.
  6. I plan on seeing her tonight, don't take forever reporting back Harbour 🙂
  7. If someone describes a spinner as curvy, I would move on. Chances are that person likes a bigger girl. Same as a member on here said a girl resembled her fake pictures, wasn't even close, so I don't trust his recos. To each their own. There is deceit on here for whatever the reason, but if your on here enough and partake in the hobby enough you learn whose words you can trust, as much as you can trust a fellow hobbyist you don't know 🙂 I read somewhere on here that juicy jess is not a spinner lol
  8. lostsoul


    Yea that was who I saw, dyed hair, roots natural color and a lip ring. I didn't bother with those details in my post,, sorry. I'm hardly ever sure unless there is a big difference if the person I meet is the person in the pictures, but I was happy with what I saw when I met her so I never really questioned the pictures. I would see her again based on her tight body, but would just be a 30 minute fix. Sorry I was late posting to you, I'm not active much in the summer.
  9. lostsoul


    I hope I can get to that point. This girl came to my place though. Just awkward situation,
  10. lostsoul


    I thought I did a google search and did not get any hits, as when I see they are stolen pics I don't pursue any further. This girl does not come close to the pics. I have made plenty of mistakes since entering this hobby, I'll get better at researching.
  11. lostsoul


    https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_pamela_i_bring_the_party_s_to_life_avail_4_outcall-4999807 TOFTT again. I get an adrenaline rush meeting different girls rather than being a regular. If I was going to have a reg girl it would be juicy jess or barbie doll haiey but anyway, I degress. this girl is a nice person and all but pictures are fake and service is poor. This hobby is fun but too expensive for so many disappointments but I'm sure I will continue and i will continue to post my experience hoping to save some guys time and money.
  12. lostsoul


    https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_sexy_young_and_fun_come_play_with_me-4976268 TOFTT as I couldn't find any info. She is real she is tiny, she has a tight body. She is very quiet. Area is not good. Extras out the ying yang, extra for DATY, and extra for more than one position. No Kissing, which doesn't matter to me, I'm just letting anyone interested know.
  13. lostsoul


    Sorry Mack, I have not seen her ad around for some time and can't remember what name she was using last. If I come across it I will post it here
  14. lostsoul


    Different name now
  15. lostsoul


    Juicy Jess aka just Jessica Is in that area.