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  1. Hardly anything there tho. And nothing a all in Labrador
  2. Sexy Sarah posted on leolist in Lab City, but I'm thinking it's bs. Anyone know anything about her? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/labrador/labrador_sexy_sarah_available_24_7_incall_downtown_or_outcall-3546184
  3. What happened? That link doesn't work
  4. Anyone known any info on her? Pics are amazing https://newfoundland.craigslist.ca/cas/d/clarenville-jade-w4m/6509942738.html
  5. I had the absolute pleasure of making the acquanintence of Savannah tonight. Her And her happy hyper doggo greeted me at the door, which I loved, I used to own a dog sled team. First thing I noticed that she was just as beautiful as her pictures! I thought that some pics must be touched up or taken at a convenient angle, but she was truly stunning. After some friendly conversation and getting to know each other, she allayed all my fears and put me at ease. She accomodated my preferences (which weren't weird, just clothing) and eventually our animalistic sides took over. She has to have one of the best looking SPs I've ever seen. As mentioned above, she brings you back to your first crush on that cute blonde at school. She had as amazing youthful purity to her, which I find amazingly attractive. Her pictures, while accurate, do not do Savannah justice. If you're reading this, you owe it to yourself to spend some time with her. She is worth it. Will be returning.
  6. MBarrett1987

    IMG 0009

    That's a thing of beauty right there
  7. Dayum shame. I'd love to have a go at whoever is in those pics for sure.
  8. I'm a visitor to your shores here in the HRM. I'm just wondering if there are any petite sexy Asian SPs that I could spend time with here. I've always wanted one.
  9. Hey guys, This ad came up on craigslist and honestly it looks way too good to be true. Even though, fuck I'd do anything to have a crack at whomsoever is in those pics. https://newfoundland.craigslist.ca/cas/d/new-in-town-w4m/6351711938.html
  10. I just googled the number and it says it's a scam in Mississauga for a "police charity." Avoid. Seems sketchy already
  11. Sorry to be random but does abyone else find that she really LOOKS French? Not in a bad way, just in the face. It is it me? Lol.
  12. I'm also interested. Here is the link: http://stjohns.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/wild-girl-jenika-available-now-call-709-700-8212/2640418
  13. Looks like a scam. Dayum shame. That woman is stunning in those pics
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