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    Hey Lyla members! Message to set up a fun play date. XO Carmen 😘
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  1. ImCarmenImBad


    Awe, Thanks so much 😏 😘
  2. Would love for you to sneak a peek at my new album. 😏☺️ Missed you guys. Xo Carmen 💋💦
  3. ImCarmenImBad

    I've been very very bad ... 🤫

    Hey guys 😁 GUESS WHO'S BACK 😏😘 Your favorite kinky kisser got NAUGHTIER 😉 CUM, LET'S PLAY 💦👅
  4. Gentlemen, After a little break I am happy to announce I’m back! I am hosting incalls in the west end tonight and tomorrow! For the fastest response please text me at (613) 902-2973 Looking forward to seeing some old friends and meeting some new ones! Carmen xoxo
  5. ImCarmenImBad


    What can I say... I like it from behind ;)
  6. ImCarmenImBad


    Xoxox thanks babe. Maybe some day you can see that view up close and personal ;) xxx
  7. ImCarmenImBad


    Mmm gladly ;) xo
  8. ImCarmenImBad


    Thanks babe :-* This bum is in need of a good old spanking ;) xx
  9. ImCarmenImBad


    Aweee thanks ;) xoxo Feel free to pm me Any time. Xx
  10. ImCarmenImBad


    What exactly are you implying? ..
  11. ImCarmenImBad

    Bare sex and low baler!

    I am getting extremely drained of patience when it comes to those kind of questions
  12. ImCarmenImBad


    Thank you :)
  13. ImCarmenImBad

    The kinky kisser outfit

    Wish i still had this outfit.. It was my FAV :(
  14. ImCarmenImBad


    Thank you :) Well, come see it on me and after ... take it OFF me ;)
  15. ImCarmenImBad


    awe thanks babe :)