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  1. There is a new ad with a different name and different pictures, but all the other information is exactly the same for a provider named Amy. Seems odd
  2. I would describe her as a sweet petite treat that's good to eat ;) as always YMMV
  3. Thanks for the reco frednorth470. I went to see her, and was very happy that I did :-)
  4. I tried Elissa, and she looks just like her pics. I found her a bit shy and not very talkative - but no complaints about her skills. I left feeling less stressed for sure but ymmv.
  5. I was lucky enough to get an appointment with Leigha, and I was so incredibly glad I did. From the time I stepped in to see her until I left I was in heaven. She is so damn hot - sexy eyes, cute dimples, incredible smile, and all the right dangerous curves that will drive you crazy! My time with her left me feeling tingly all over and dying to see her again.
  6. I've been to see this gorgeous lady a few times, and I always left feeling like a king. Highly recommended, and very interesting to talk to.
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