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  1. frednorth470

    Aaliyah lynn

    Yes. She is real. I’d recommend
  2. frednorth470

    Barb Rothesay

  3. frednorth470


    Wasn’t my type of rendezvous. This was a long while ago. At least she’s real. Pics are accurate.
  4. frednorth470


    A long time ago. She is real. Hosted out of an apartment. That’s about it
  5. frednorth470

    Allie Zeon

    Not this again. Please leave Allie alone. She is not Tia. Period.
  6. frednorth470

    Cleo - Moncton

    She is legit and awesome
  7. I agree. I miss Danielle.
  8. frednorth470


    One of the girls from the club there actually posted in the announcements section.
  9. frednorth470


    I saw her last year. She was very nice and provides a good service
  10. Mariska hosts in the Southside too.
  11. frednorth470

    Sensual Massage in Southern NB

    Danielle in Fredericton https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-massage/new-brunswick/fredericton_sensual_massage_parlor_for_men-3748596
  12. frednorth470


    She is a kink girl and not considered gfe. She is very much a submissive. There are recos and she is a member here too.
  13. frednorth470

    Hairy ladies

    The red lady from Moncton fits the bill
  14. frednorth470


    The girls are advertising again. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/fredericton_brand_new_alexis_crystal_duo_bendusover-3657548
  15. frednorth470

    Mika - Fredericton

    Miaa is a very nice girl. I would recommend.