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  1. Have been seeing her for 5 years now, she is honest,sweet and beautiful soul.Hope to continue seeing her until I am in the home,lol
  2. Mary does, and is very good at it.
  3. Any escorts in Miramichi on Wednesdays, im there tomorrow and wondering where I can find a provider.
  4. Seen her once, she cant wait to get it over with, will not ever return.
  5. Definitely, hottest,and best providers I have met.The total package and her mouth skills are top notch.
  6. Any recommandations for an sp for Miramichi?Im there tomorrow nite and I don't sem to find any advertised there.
  7. Steph is very sweet,and her pics are 100% real
  8. Lady Red is awful at keeping her apps.She will schedule and then cancel or not communicate with you.Tried twice and was a wastw of time which singnaled red flags.
  9. People, we all pay according to good service, be it dining, drinks at the bar, or any kind of service that is appreciated.That said, most people that go to a provider have a set price in mind that they can afford on a regular basis.I would rather spend 200 for a good provider and go every week, than spend 400 and go twice a month.But,thats just me.There are very good sp,s in NB that are on this scale.
  10. She is gorgeous,does anybody know if she is for real?
  11. Yes, she has been in the business for a long time, 1st met her at the old Gentlemen,s club in Moncton.She knows how to please a guy and is very pleasant to be with.
  12. Tried to book with her 3 times, she never has a place and is not reliable.
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