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  1. Any escorts who are eperienced in getting a man off who has just had his prostate removed?
  2. Spent another beautiful session with the beautiful talented Ferrari Price yesterday.She is so warm, passionite and sexy, makes you feel good inside and out.Will repete,and repete and repete.Moncton,s finest.
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  5. Yes, sorry i forgot the i, i can see it would be quite confusing.
  6. She is the sweetest,cutest and most playful sp i have ever encountered.I may have found an angel.Hope i can repeat with her for a long time.
  7. Has anyone seen Kelly in Moncton, she is posting in French.
  8. Besties are Brooklynn Styles, Katherine,and Jessie the hot milf.
  9. Wondering if anyone has seen or knows about Shasta in Moncton.
  10. Just saw this cutie, very nice and easy to book, beautiful face and very respectful.Made me feel comfortable from the moment i arrived.
  11. Has anyone ever seen Melissa Blaze, she looks very nice and professional.
  12. Saw her yesterday, she is really nice and attractive, and loves mutual gratification, nice session and safe.
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