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  1. pony1966

    Rebecca LL

    If she is real all I can say is I will be next! Please let us know how it goes!
  2. pony1966

    Cosplay provides

    Maybe GeekyGirl might!
  3. pony1966


    I know I would still pay the regular rate with no issues. If a provider wants to encourage patrons to still book appointments maybe they could offer extra time or spice it up for their regulars. I know I would appreciate it.
  4. pony1966


    Says she was only here to the 12th......is dhe staying longer?
  5. pony1966


    If you are going to catch it at least you hopefully had a great time! Better than going to Costco and catch it buying toilet paper!
  6. Another great addition to the YFL team. Was the first to see her on her first visit to Halifax and it was fantastic. She is even better looking than her photos and has a great body. My usual preference is a C cup and below but because everything else was great I didn't mind plus they are nice and firm. I never thought I was into Latino women until YFL, now 3 for 3! She is very passionate and energetic plus she has some amazing skills. Very rarely do I finish fast enough to get in a second attempt. Her English is great and she is great to have a conversion with in between. I hope she makes Halifax a regular stop.
  7. pony1966

    SP texts me out of the blue...

    Hope it works out for you, there are a couple of SP's that I have connected with better than others. We are all human and find most SP's to be very genuine people who if I knew them outside of the business that I would really enjoy their friendship. We are now invested in this so you will have to let us know how it turns out!
  8. pony1966

    Sofia French

    From what I can tell Sofia French does not tour too much so see her while you can! Usually can't go wrong with any of the YFL ladies.
  9. pony1966

    Best Greek provider

    A couple of the YFL ladies offer this service, if they have GFE+ on their profile they may.
  10. Another great option from YFL. Visited Juliette in Charlottetown and was a great hour. Her pics are accurate and her English is decent. Gives a good massage and everything else you expect from a YFL. Only reason I gave her a 4 for service was she wasn't as passionate as most YFL. Maybe starting to expect too much because they are so into making you feel wowed....lol. Also may be a case of YMMV, but still a good session.
  11. Usually any of the YFL ladies fit that description, very good GFE and they are great for after sex cuddling. Most reputable SP's that provide GFE would do what you want in regards to non sex services as they want to make their clients happy.
  12. Ashley is back in town and this was my third visit with her. Every visit has been better than the last and this time was no different she was amazing. Ashley has a bubbly personality and is committed to making sure you leave satisfied and with a big smile on your face. Can't wait for her to return already.
  13. pony1966

    French lady

    She went under Angela before. Sometimes they need to change their name to protect their private lives. She does a great massage and has a spinner body....
  14. Faith's pictures are accurate, she is very nice looking and has a great body. The appt started off with her asking me when I arrived near her incall if I could come any hour later as her dou partner had someone there. When I came back an hour later I found the place a little sketchy. The session was not good at all and she said she offered GFE but did not. She rushed the whole experience and due to the quality of it I left after 20 minutes. If you are looking just to have a quick robotic experience I would then recommend but only do a half hour. It keeps reminding when I go to independents why I enjoy YFL as you then know what you are getting. If anyone wants more info message me as I know a few were interested in seeing her.
  15. pony1966


    Going to see her tomorrow, will post a reco after.