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  1. Also YFL is always visiting Halifax and never disappoint!
  2. It was so great to see Alexandra back on tour! I was disappointed when she was no longer on the YFL page. Today was a fantastic hour with a beautiful latin lady who is one of the best GFE experiences I have had. She truly wants to satisfy her customer and puts in an above and beyond effort! She is here for 4 days so make sure we let her know we want her back in Halifax, you won't be disappointed.
  3. Laura is back this week. Again never disappointed with YFL! An hour with Laura has gotten better with every visit, this was number 4!
  4. Saw Lily tonight and she is definitely the Lily(Lorena) that previously worked for an agency. She is still the bubbly, happy and energetic provider I remember! She has amazing soft skin and a great butt. She still provides the same services and for the same donation as before. Lily will do everything she can to make sure you leave satisfied and has some great skills. She is visiting till Thursday evening and I hope she returns to Halifax!
  5. I have found if they advertise GFE kissing is part of the deal. They will usually state GFE no DFK or something similar. There is also YMMV but always remember it's about hygiene and how you treat them. If you treat with respect and respect any boundaries your mileage will usually go up!
  6. He didn't degrade the local ladies, he was talking about taking a chance on probably an unverified LL local! I have also had nothing but bad luck when I tried that route! There are lots of local ladies that have reviews on Lyla and they can be trusted to be who they say they are. My issue is I find it hard to find a local that fits into my taste and what I want out of a session, where as every YFL has fit so far. I wish I could find a local, it would make it much more convenient, hopefully one day!
  7. I am the same way! I have actually started flying through Montreal so I can have a layover there and have one of their wonderful ladies visit my hotel! I think some people must think I am a paid shill for how much I endorse their services!
  8. Yes I can't wait to see Stella, Bella, Nola and Kate. Could get expensive if they all visit too soon....lol
  9. The wonderful ladies of YFL will always be welcome and appreciated in NS. I have never been disappointed in almost 2 years of visiting these amazing ladies!
  10. Your French Lady all the way. Never have to worry about anything!
  11. If you are looking for reliable SP's that look like their pics and give fantastic service you can not go wrong with Your French Lady!
  12. If she is real all I can say is I will be next! Please let us know how it goes!
  13. I know I would still pay the regular rate with no issues. If a provider wants to encourage patrons to still book appointments maybe they could offer extra time or spice it up for their regulars. I know I would appreciate it.
  14. Says she was only here to the 12th......is dhe staying longer?
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