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  1. Usually any of the YFL ladies fit that description, very good GFE and they are great for after sex cuddling. Most reputable SP's that provide GFE would do what you want in regards to non sex services as they want to make their clients happy.
  2. pony1966

    French lady

    She went under Angela before. Sometimes they need to change their name to protect their private lives. She does a great massage and has a spinner body....
  3. pony1966


    Going to see her tomorrow, will post a reco after.
  4. pony1966

    Clothing requests

    My preference would be tshirt and panties, simple is great and I think it would even feel more like a GFE.
  5. pony1966

    Prospects Demanding Face Pics

    You have enough recommendations on here and by willing to meet you did way more than what is expected. Sounds like a headache waiting to happen.
  6. pony1966

    Rose French YFL no reply

    I have never had an issue and have an appointment with Rose tomorrow. With handling so many clients for the amount of ladies I can see a text getting missed but if you've done multiple tries there must be something up.
  7. Olivia from YFL went for over 30 minutes of the hour and did not seem to tire out. She gave a fantastic BBBJ and I could also go the whole hour also!
  8. I find most local providers don't offer bbbj. I have found many that meet what I am looking for except for this. I can understand if there is hygiene issues but all flat out say they don't do it.
  9. pony1966

    Steph and Sarah, lesbian duo

    4 ladies at $300 is $75 a piece, they don't value themselves very high. I would say not legit.
  10. pony1966

    Charlotte Quinn

    How is her in call location? Looks like she has a great body for 41!
  11. pony1966

    How long does it take

    Yes I contacted a mod and got this reply so I will give it some time. Hey, sorry about this, we are looking into it. It seems to be a bug and I cant change it for you right now
  12. pony1966

    Niya Legit?

    Take one for the team!
  13. pony1966

    Fave type of Lingerie on an SP

    Had one that had on bright orange bra and panties which looked fantastic against her tanned body! Also yoga wear.
  14. pony1966

    Greek options

    YFL does not have a Kathleen