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  1. Halihotfun


    She’s very friendly. Cute, tiny, lots of tats. Her pics are real. She Seemed to enjoy her work and made me feel at ease around her very quickly.
  2. Halihotfun

    Hobbying in the world.

    I guess I should add people should use common sense in the Dominican. Be safe, be smart.
  3. Halihotfun

    Hobbying in the world.

    Dominican Republic. Sousa is a great spot
  4. Halihotfun

    Vandal Vyxen

    She has some great vids on porn hub
  5. Halihotfun

    Sarah baby

    I’ve seen her for a short stay not long ago. Her pics are accurate and she was friendly. Worth a 15 min visit for sure. She’s very reasonable
  6. Halihotfun


    I see she has an add up on Leo. Anyone try recently?
  7. Looking for safe providers that offer in calls around the spryfield area or close to it. Send a message if you have a recommendation. Thanks all
  8. Halihotfun


    Following as well. Been wanting to see her for a while but haven’t yet.
  9. Halihotfun

    M/F duo providers?

    Any of our local providers have experience with this?
  10. Halihotfun

    Hot molly

    Nuff said
  11. Halihotfun

    Hot molly

    Anyone seen her? Advertising here in the schedule section
  12. Halihotfun

    Any recommendations or info

    I’ve seen jj. She was friendly and just like her pics Clean place
  13. Halihotfun

    M/F duo providers?

    I should add Im a new member here but have been an occasional longtime reader.
  14. Anyone have any good experiences mfm or mmf dates. Something on the more affordable side? Thanks. Send a pm if you would prefer.