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  1. I toftt today. she did not disappoint. She is the best that has probably ever visited. no rushed service. She was into it. No plain Jain give your money and leave type. Provides as advertised I was stuck on wanting Barbie to come back that they had last summer but Anna is by far my favorite. shes in her 30s maybe early 40. Not as thin as some of her pics but she looks great and is worth the visit debating another visit
  2. Has anyone seen Anna on her previous visits?
  3. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_available_now_halifax_greek_v_i_p_new_french_girl-8759480 did anyone happen to visit?
  4. I know the location they’re at but did anyone visit this person? is she different from the previous girls?
  5. Please see my post on the Bella and Dana topic
  6. It’s a house. I believe all the Asian ads Halifax side are those 2. I don’t think there are any other working girls in the house by the looks of the inside. As said above one is old and the other is attractive. From my experience I feel if you don’t book the duo then you get the old one. But I managed to debate my way into getting the attractive one. If the situation was different and the location wasn’t where it is I would repeat because the younger lady is attractive and service wasn’t bad.
  7. I’m not sure if you want to call it a legit agency. Tiffany was real but her pics were very filtered . None are the age they are listed at. as for VIPOTG I can’t compare as I never seen them. But depending what girl you visit depends on what service you get. You will be told all this is offered but that’s not always the case
  8. Not sure why it’s so difficult to see her. Shes back in Halifax. We made plans for a time last night. I showed up early and let her know I was there. She said she just got checked in so she would need some time to be ready for our booking time. 30 mins pass and she says hey. I respond get back. Waited another 15 and then left. Haven’t heard from her since. Waited 30 mins past our booking time. jealous of those that get to visit
  9. Took a chance. Clearly not the girl in the pic but is attractive. Same routine as others. Services were accurate and she had a pleasant demeanour. ymmv but they sent a decent one this time
  10. Been trying to see her recently but she posts before she’s available. Example posts at noon, I send a msg and she’s not available until 6pm. Last 2 times she hasn’t responded to me. So I guess I’m blocked and won’t get the chance to visit
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