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  1. Rassilon

    Cosplay provides

    I once told Geeky Girl that she should get some costumes that fit her name. She asked for specific suggestions and seemed to be interested in the idea at the time. No idea if she pursued it but the fact we talked about supports Pony's suggestion that she might be a good person for NSGUY to ask about it.
  2. Rassilon

    Franceska on LL

    Timetourist, thank you for the good wishes. But, yes, unfortunately it is very serious and while generally I feel physically OK that day side effects of my treatment hit me. Never hit me whenever I see the super hot nurse at the clinic who I am not having sex with, but do hit me at the most inconvenient times later. I do not mind telling details of the conditions but I do not want to seem ego-centric and talk about it if people do not care to read about it. After the above comments by Biker Dude I wanted to add that yes, Francheska is a francophone. She seems to have excellent comprehension of english but has trouble expressing herself at times. But only at times, she can improve but certainly hold a conversation.
  3. Rassilon

    Babe of the Day

    GT, you deserve thanks for the huge number of quality images you have been posting. Thank you very much. These ones of Margarita may not to me be the best ever, extra thanks for these ones as I am blown away by the hottness of the model and just how good the photographs are.
  4. Hello, all. I saw a service provider (SP) recently taking one for the team. I am reluctant to post a recommendation as our appointment was interrupted by my medical issues. Might still post something but am also considering waiting until my second meeting with this SP. In the meantime I wanted to tell others she is legitimate. Her name is Franceska and she recently moved to Halifax from Montreal. While ads that begin with "new to town" dissuade some people you should not let it do so in this case. Franceska is actually new to town. Found her through LL, and while the ad will disappear in short time as they all do for those of you reading this right after I post here is one of her ads. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_new_in_town_sexy_honey_friendly_service-5895607 Franceska is hot, for real and seems like a nice person. As I said a full recommendation is difficult as my health got in the way but I do intend to see her again. I told her about Lyla and she seemed very interested.
  5. Rassilon


    Some advice for crazy and sane people: Do not use tin foil hats. Some years ago MIT did a study on them and found that they increase the signal strength of almost all frequencies of wireless communication systems used by major governments. http://web.archive.org/web/20100708230258/http://people.csail.mit.edu/rahimi/helmet/ Thanks for being careful, everyone. I am immune suppressed and appreciate people wanting to stop the spread of CORVID-19. It is amusing to watch the world act like I do every day though. (Except for social distancing that is a special topic that requires a long, boring post.)
  6. Geeky Girl would be my recommendation in general, Amazing beyond belief. She happens to be pretty small too so lucky for you.
  7. Rassilon

    Outbreak in HRM

    My organ donner had syphilis. I have been tested for it more than 15 times. For those wondering, I do not have syphilis. They took precautions and gave me medication just in case. Anyway, I learned that if detected very early it can be taken care of quickly. This is not encouragement to be stupid. Protect yourself, test yourself, listen to the above advice. Most people will have no idea they have it in the early stages but if you did something stupid and suspect you have it, see someone RIGHT AWAY. Sarah Alexxx, thanks for the warning. Considering the upswing in infection numbers I now have something to brag about. "Hey ladies, I very definitively syphilis free." :-)
  8. Rassilon

    Bad sign for leolist?

    How much bandwidth do they need a month? It strikes me as not allot and therefore it should be easy to replicate their services for not much money. Didn't they just pop up when Backpages went down to replicate them? Someone can do the same with LL.
  9. Rassilon

    Amarra - GeekyGirl

    She once made a typo in a text message that caused confusion but it was corrected before there was a problem. I would say ditto to Lookingfor's post above. I would guess she mistook you for someone and the problem with that person bothered her so much she was not thinking clearly when she saw what made her believe it was you. Only can visit her when she does incall and I try to whenever she offers it. Sorry, I realize this does not help you with what to do. Perhaps she will see this and consider giving you a chance.
  10. Good on you, sir. I was just expecting someone to type "You panicked.". The video was an unexpected extra.
  11. Burma! Bonus admiration to anyone who can tell me why I said that.
  12. Rassilon

    Just gonna tell y'all

    Meg: You sound just like the crown attorney. And my attorney. And the judge. I cannot think of any circumstances under which someone, even an idiot, even a narcissist, even a pervert would think this is a good idea. Even if you junk was great (it isn't) why would a surprise receiving of an image of it on a phone be a pleasant thing? Especially to someone you do not know or barely know. To both sane people and within the logic of the crazy it should seem like a bad idea.
  13. I too was very interested in knowing more after seeing her ad. Found the same images on ads from a US escort site. It is disappointing for sure. The site is called Escort Alligator and has a December ad from Wed 26 Dec 2018 04:09 AM for an area in Chicago called Crestwood. The poster uses the name Lola Marie. Doing an image search on Google showed the images from Tasha's ad listed in several spots for Chicago escort listings. Not sure if I am allowed to provide the URI for the ad. it is possible these are Tasha's photos and someone else copied them but I find that to be unlikely enough to be concerned about that leolist ad. Please share if anyone knows anything, it would be great if the ad was legitimate.
  14. Rassilon


    That is a good theory. I saw her post her on Lyla that said she was only staying until the 23rd, but the presence of the ad on other days made me think she extended her stay. I did not know LL auto re-posted ads.
  15. Rassilon


    Eightbit, thanks for reporting back on your experience. Any trouble making contact? The SMS messages I sent Amanda have yet to receive a reply. Your comments make me even more interested is seeing her so I am hoping I still can.