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  1. djdarko


    Saw Amanda over the weekend, and can concur with everyone else that she is very attractive with a nice tight body. No massage background and not sensual , so not really repeatable for me, but if you're looking for a hot chick, should definitely check her out.
  2. djdarko

    Vanessa on LL massage

    Some of her ads say "well reviewed" but have yet to see any reviews on her
  3. djdarko

    Sensual massage

    I'll send you a PM with all that info panningforgold
  4. djdarko

    Sensual massage

    Thank you for the Winnie recommendation! Definitely did not disappoint and exactly what I was looking for. Easily one of/if not the top massage I've gotten.
  5. djdarko

    Sensual massage

    Michelle's nuru is very sensual and will slide all over your body in a sensual way. Both are nude, wet, and very slippery so I'm sure you can imagine how that would go. Definitely a fun time, but it's mostly her body rubbing against you. Can anyone recommend any ladies who include a lot of teasing in their massages. Preferably being worked on while on stomach
  6. djdarko

    Lianne on LL

    First thing I thought of was a double nuru, and looks like they are offering that! Might have to give it a shot
  7. djdarko


    Ad was up this morning. If still looking for contact. PM me
  8. djdarko

    Vanessa on LL massage

    Anyone experience her yet for a massage?
  9. djdarko

    Lianne on LL

    Anyone see her since shes been back? Seen Michelle quite a bit and definitely curious about her sister now.
  10. djdarko

    Vanessa on LL massage

    Also curious if anyone else has intel on her or tried her out. Interested, but hoping for some more info Thanks https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-massage/winnipeg/winnipeg_exotic_latina_pretty_face_great_reviews-4637810
  11. djdarko

    Jewell on Leo List

    Is this the Jewell you're referring to? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-massage/winnipeg/winnipeg_jewell_is_all_you_knead_to_relax_xxx-4634853
  12. djdarko


    Sorry, private probably not the best term, but it was a room with just the massage table and set up. Believe she has a picture of it in her ad. But no one else was there. The building is one of those that wants visitors to sign in and a lot of people walking around the lobby. She met me at the entrance to let me in and didnt sign in , just walked to the elevators.
  13. djdarko


    Saw her myself as well, but just getting around to posting again. Pics are 100% her and her location is very clean and relaxing although not the most discreet. Private room with message table in her apartment. She is attractive with a nice body, and knows how to give a massage (can be nude or she wears some sexy outfit). She's relatively new to it all, so was a bit shy. Repeatable
  14. djdarko

    south pembina

    I had the same experience if you're talking about 3000 block. I wasn't too disappointed since I thought the new lady I had was more attractive, but massage and teasing was not nearly what the last lady provided. Saw her a handful of times and about a week ago when I went, she was there, but the new lady did the massage.
  15. djdarko


    Anyone have any intel on Sabrinah in Osborne? Checked around and got no hits on her. First time seeing her ad on LL and wanted to check her out. Any info is appreciated, thanks! https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-massage/winnipeg/winnipeg_escape_the_cold_and_feel_my_magical_and_soothing_hands-4500428