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  1. Has anyone seen Sabrinah lately? Was curious to what was so special about "Sabrinahs Special" for the month of July. I saw her when she first started advertising about a year ago and she was very new and shy...friendly/cute but wasnt a repeat for me as she wasnt my type and just so/so. Curious to see if she got better? Please PM me if you have details.
  2. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/winnipeg/new-jenny-is-back-full-body-massage-shower-spot-available/1437482656?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true She still posts as Jenny too apparently? But glad to see she is back!
  3. Seems to be expanding...new location close to the airport just popped up today it looks like as well as with someone new (same number tho)
  4. When I tried to book one day with one of the ladies (or whoever I was texting), she said she was all filled up for the day, but mentioned that another lady was working the next day at certain hours.
  5. I don't think that is her in the picture. Unless she is really young in that picture. Blue is right, the eyes don't match to me
  6. I’d just call him lucky. There is just one of them I havnt seen yet.
  7. Saw Lily a couple times and she is very friendly and easy going. Pictures are accurate.
  8. They only post when available and take down as soon as they fill up. Have to keep an eye out
  9. She works out of multiple locations. Her central spot has an actual massage table with actual massage oil. Haven’t been to other spot but she said she was there an evening I contacted her
  10. massage is not the highlight lets just say that
  11. Saw Jasmine the other night and wow! Attractive, fun, easygoing, early to mid 20s. Basically the brunette version of Amanda. Although would say Jasmine has more of a sensual side to her. But maybe it’s just me being more of a brunette guy..
  12. Saw Kitty over the weekend and I very much enjoyed myself. She's an attractive Asian with a nice tight body and wears a tiny outfit. Massage was light and repetitive but she is really fun and has curious hands. She has a table and a bed, so whatever you desire. Clean and easy location
  13. I’d recommend Kitty No teasing from Amanda in my experience, and even when I asked if she could...well at least she tried... Plus I always thought the definition for a spinner meant short/petite. I feel Amanda was about 5’6/5’7. Nevertheless attractive.
  14. I reached out to her because I was curious and browsing around, but didn't end up setting up an appointment. Exchanged maybe 3-5 texts about basic info (availability, location, rates) within a 10 minute window. The next two days in a row I received texts from her randomly saying that she had openings now if I was available. So also be careful if your one who needs to block numbers
  15. Saw Amanda over the weekend, and can concur with everyone else that she is very attractive with a nice tight body. No massage background and not sensual , so not really repeatable for me, but if you're looking for a hot chick, should definitely check her out.
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