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  1. My pleasure fellow spooner!! Firm, but real feeling.
  2. Nope. They are definitely brand new. Got to see em for yourself!!!!!
  3. Saw her this week. Photos arent accurate. Well maybe years ago. Personality is good. Not much teasing from back side. Flip was good. She talks a little much. Made me feel relaxed. Not sure if i would repeat
  4. She is great! Just finished a session with her. Teased me so much i had to flip over. She looks so pretty. Pics don't do justice
  5. Alina and amy? Are they newer girls with the group? Never heard of it
  6. I have. A couple times. You need to go in with an open mind. But it does feel amazing. She knows what she is doing.
  7. I made sure my bowels where empty and even took a shower before our session at the location. Its a hard feeling to describe but she obviously knew what she was doing cause i tried doing it to myself the night before and it just felt off lol.
  8. Ive had it done from Veronica. She is the only one who offers it in that group. I enjoyed it. As a first timer she made me feel comfortable and even shaved my ass first. Nice of her to do. Just gotta go in with open mind and relaxed.
  9. I also saw a post on leolist under gigs that they are hiring hahah If anyone of you guys wanna play dress up and get a job lmao
  10. Good for you bro for fighting the temptation. That put a smile in my face. And all I know is this. I havent been using services right now BUT when things do settle im not in a position to judge anyone. That being said I will continue to use my trusted providers who time and time and time again have not only proved legitimacy, and trust but the best overall experience ive had in a long time in Winnipeg...which happens to be the bridgewater group. Im not going to boycott them when covid settles. Fuck that. Theyve been good to me.
  11. So put the onus on the guy seeing them? Adult men should be responsible enough to make the concscious decision that they will stop using services. Especially when they have a family, yet what? Im sure there are still TONS of people going. No doubt.
  12. Thats completely different. Lol. Im not a service provider lmao. How would I know...maybe? You never know.
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