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  1. I agree 100%, I was just more so looking for some general feedback on others current experiences. and not necessarily specific to anyone
  2. I was just more curious on if Hotels were screening people coming and going etc.. I would assume most are doing Hotels with private entrances etc..
  3. Now that things are starting to open back up, more so in the Atlantic provinces. What are hotels doing for non guests/Visitors coming and going. What has been everyone's experience so far?? Was looking to pre book with some lovely ladies, as its been far to long!!
  4. Its pretty easy to use, not much to it, I have started following some providers I see and some I look forward to see when they are visiting my city Its great would recommend setting up an account
  5. I have also just recently joined twitter as well, its great for finding availability
  6. Im pretty sure there is nothing in SJ, none that im aware of anyway. There was one a few years ago but it got shut down.
  7. almost certain I seen these photos posted recently and do not match the Ad now
  8. I stick with Verified Independent providers that usually have a website and have been around for years, takes all the guess work out of it and the worry, not that there isn't lots of good providers who are not Verified Independents. Just my opinion
  9. I get where greenteals coming from but no need to be so harsh lol, and im still very much a newbie here, I try to do as much research as possible before posting a "any info thread" but sometimes a reviews are old and there is no recent reviews and you like to try to get some up to date info. mind you i never looked at the one jimmers was asking about it
  10. ^^^ THIS and im pretty sure there is a thread on this already from a few weeks ago
  11. Was wondering if anyone has visited with her recently, the few reco's I found are older and doesn't seem to be much as of late. Please PM me if you don't mind talking about your experience Thanks!!
  12. Yup her and her BF are running this scam right now, she started out using her real name not very bright btw
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