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  1. Sorry , a misread on my part- British Columbia area code
  2. I am not great at the technology . I cannot get the link attached for some reason. But on LL in today's posts Larissa Luxx is posting again. Has a Southwestern Ontario area code . Anyone have experience ? I can find references to Larissa on this site but I am unsure if it is the same . Thanks for the help .
  3. How does one get in touch with her ? I don't see a post on leolist ?
  4. I have never had the pleasure but have viewed her ads with curiosity . Recently she posted an ad on Leolist requesting $1000 per hour which is one of the highest amounts I have seen generally and substantially higher than service providers outside porn stars who post ads in places like Las Vegas. So , at that rate , I am unlikely to visit. I also find the methodology of booking a visit (Zoom) fascinating.I have not seen a recent review (there is one about 3 years old) on this website. Like Mnb28 I would be interested in hearing about a perspective on her. Her pictures indicate a very beautiful woman. And maybe I might reconsider my decision on the finances..!!
  5. Smiley 9999 - I suspect the answer to your question is rooted in the rules of this website. We are , outside the Warning Section (and here there are rules) strongly discouraged from posting negative reviews.
  6. Another example of pictures likely to be "too good to be true" with a Kelowna , BC area code. But the proof will be when the ask is in for a deposit. I make my "deposits" in person.....LOL
  7. It looks like she used a picture by ?Kyla as I recall or she has changed her online moniker ?
  8. And I agree with assman , having seen her in the past.
  9. Link doesn't work. The original post was 07/23 on this site but yet our good Lyla friends cannot make contact. Houston , we have a problem.
  10. Thank you for this . I had been looking to book her but the 35% deposit put me off , thinking it must be a scam. I think there will be a continuation of this but under a different name once your post is discovered by the scammer. Also , your comments likely should have gone into the "Warnings" section. But I certainly appreciate and am grateful for your post.
  11. I had posted several years ago a positive review of a sp . In fact had a great experience and went back several more times before she "disappeared" to who knows where. But in my review I said the pics were not her. I was admonished by the Moderator and given a warning and black mark. Why? Because I put a positive review in the recommendations section on a sp who did not use accurate pictures and therefore was supporting the potential for a scam ! I was told it should have been in the warnings section. So just_a_mcton_guy_4u I suspect if you said the pics were not her , the Moderator decided to remove your recommendation post. Speculation on my part but informed by my experience .
  12. There are so many possibilities , the mind boggles. The phone lost power and she cannot respond. She "lost " her contacts and text messages. She got a "better" offer. She is overbooked and you were bumped (the airline excuse). She left town in a hurry (for whatever a reason). She got tired of interminable text messages with you trying to "close the deal". She saw the light and left the industry. Maybe she is just "unprofessional" .Maybe you texted statements to her she found objectionable. Maybe she was a "scam". And then the darker ones I won't get into . I can think of other reasons but will let the community here weigh in. Could be a fun challenge. I find questions like this on this forum always a great read when folks post their opinion. Perhaps it was for the best. It certainly was not meant to be .
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