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  1. I agree with most of the thoughts when I think of Winnipeg and or Canada. I still miss a paradise far away from here where I didn't have to negotiate or tip, just one flat price of $40-$60/hr to have a great massage and be happy. It took a while to get used to for a $60+$40 price. And covid for sure helped me stay away a bit and put those funds in crypto hahaha. Stay happy and healthy guys and gals.
  2. You need to wait a month or so and you will see it in your backyard.
  3. lol pics on the ad. suggest some other kind of transfer.
  4. Anyone tried this yet? Any information on this? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the update Vanclovr. May be it is a better idea to hold on for appointments for sometime, in case any of the attendants or their families came back from an infected region recently. Better to be safe than sorry. Be safe guys.
  6. seems like they tricked and upset a LE member 😀😀
  7. Most probably the scammers on notredame lol.
  8. Yes someone like that now works at Stadacona under the name of wendy or windy..
  9. Older Chinese woman. Massage is ok. Language barriers.
  10. MrNun0 do they pay you for getting a massage..JK....You are all over the place 😄😄😄👍. I wish I could do that. Enjoy
  11. I know it all depends on your experience with the provider but sometimes they are so pushy to get more and more. About 8-9 years ago a regular provider was so happy with a $10 tip and now they not even happy with $60. Can we discuss this in the forum?
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