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  1. I super regret implying that I was stolen from. THAT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED
  2. It's like going to the theater thinking your seeing "Taken", and it turns out to be "Secret Diary of a Call Girl".
  3. According to this article she was voluntarily working for an agency before getting sick of it and quit. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/panel-to-explore-demand-fuelling-human-trafficking-in-ns/ "(It) literally one day just popped into my head, 'What am I doing here? I do not want this lifestyle to be my destiny,'" "And literally one day I got up and I walked out the door. Back in those days we had pagers I smashed my pager and I never looked back."
  4. Baha I was just watching this and thought of this
  5. Someone who has been trafficked and victimized to such an extreme has had a profoundly different experience than pretty much anyone else. I appreciate her courage in reliving that publicly and hopefully it inspires others like her to speak out. Clearly lots of people are trapped in abusive and unhealthy situations. Whatever is happening it's absolutely not the fault of the person being exploited, there's no gray area about it.
  6. There are clearly lots of people being victimized and having their lives ruined. I can't imagine what the host of the event went through but I guarantee no sane person would want it to happen to anyone else. I think it's good she is sharing her experience. I wish there were better sounding solutions than "arrest the clients" but I'm no expert and the article is confusing to me in the conflating of what seems like very different things. But who knows? Maybe I am just a pig in human clothing after all...
  7. I would never make a request for a first visit because manners, but.. after that I do often mention it's okay to be casual because I do like that. Tank tops are a favorite but I think they are also the sweatpant of the torso. I would be pretty surprised for a first meeting to happen without lingerie. Repeat visits vary in degree of dessedness, though I've never yet seen anyone without: (a) their makeup on and (b) hair done. I did mention no makeup once but I'm pretty sure there was no way in hell that was happening.
  8. I think it's still a numbers game so if you initiate a bunch of messages eventually at least one should respond. A couple tries probably just isn't enough.
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