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  1. my latest blunder. I've been seeing this lady for about 1 year now, regularly... so regularly she calls herself my sugar baby... anyway, I took her to a nice hotel in Oakville where we enjoyed a Jacuzzi bath together etc.. (note that a Jacuzzi in the room was only 136 in Oakville, 220 in Brampton, and about 450 in Toronto). We had a great time. She had a lot of stuff with her because she was going to a BBQ party with friends after seeing me, and she had trouble closing on of her bags so I helped. 2 days later after our date, I found a t-shirt in my van on the floor of the passenger side and realized it was hers (it smells so nice). Yikes. My wife had used my van on Sunday to go shopping. I also found a bottle of some sort of makeup. Fortunately I found them before my wife, but that was a close call. Note to self check van over after each date.
  2. I cooked a tuna casserole... with various layers of tuna cooked in a white sauce (a roo), shell noodles, sautéed onions, and lots of cheese.... very good.
  3. I was out with my favourite escort and we were about to leave the hotel, we started talking about painting... we are both (amateur) artists... and she noted that she had run out of art supplies and I offered to stop by Michaels to buy some for her on the way back to her home... When we got to the store, she looked at me and said "Forget the Chanel bag, my sugar daddy buys me art supplies at Michael"... the way she said it was absolutely hilarious.
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  5. Last week I saw a Lady on Monday morning... I was going to see her on Tuesday, but she asked me if I could see her Monday because she needed to pay some bills (had been sick the previous week so hadn't been able to work)... The only time available for me was the morning... Best Monday morning EVER.
  6. today... my highlight was working on a painting that I didn't think I could pull off and its only half done and already looking good.
  7. A poster on the train says "advisors who have attained CIM." To learn more about CIM VISIT. Just found it amusing.
  8. Yesterday I saw a lady, who I've known for over 5 1/2 years. she knows what I like, and my body responds very well to her. We also have on going conversations. One other advantage is that she trusts me enough that when she can she invites me to her place (rather than the room she rents to see other clients), and we can enjoy a more relaxing time together.
  9. That's interesting about older adults not using condoms.. perhaps its because they figure pregnancy is no longer an issue. ps. my wife and I use condoms even though were well past the child issue (on those rare occasions when it happens)... she likely suspect I have a hobby... I don't complain.
  10. I'm roasting some chicken thighs (was covered, now uncovered), as well as some potatoes with onions and cheese... haven't figured out the veggies yet.
  11. My highlight yesterday was a hour spent with a lovely young lady.
  12. hopefully she'll get her own place again... soon... but in the meantime I'll be dropping her off else where... last week I dropped her off at a restaurant near home.
  13. I currently have two favourites. One lady I've been seeing on and off for 5 1/2 years. I love the feel of her skin and her very long hair. The other lady I've only been seeing for a year, but she is so much fun to be with; has me laughing the moment I pick her up... Is adventurous and we do things like snow shoe together. Different experiences. Both Amazing. So to me at least there is no single best.
  14. Last week I took my SP snow shoeing in a conservation area near Burlington. She looked so gorgeous is her coat and snow shoes. It would be fun to bring a big blanket or even a fur (or faux fur), and make out in the snow. Additional Comments: I had an experience a bit like that, but no dinner... I met a gorgeous woman, way out of my league, in a fur coat, with stiletto etc... at a casino in Las Vegas, she was flirting with me while we played slots... and in the taxi... cost was 400 US. but no dinner that would have cost extra
  15. I'm seeing this escort who had to move back into her parents home due to economic conditions. They still seem to think of her as a little child (she is 30), and are demanding and overprotective (and nuts). She told me that once her dad nearly attacked an Uber driver who he thought was her date, but she managed to defuse the situation. I usually pick her up at a restaurant near her home and drop her off at some shopping plaza or whatever (she really likes shopping, which might explain the economic issue). Anyway one week she thought no one would be home so she told me to drop her off at home. As we near the address she realizes that her parents are not only home, but on the front porch. To late to change her mind, she tells me to drive right up to the house, and as she is getting out, says "Thanks Uber". Gee he looked angry, but it worked.
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