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    ☆Hi! I'm an entrepreneur of sorts. I am experienced and practiced in esthetics and relaxation massage and I also have a variety of women's panties for sale ;)
    I'm just your girl next door, fallen on hard times doing whatever I have to, to better my situation!☆
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    ☆Open Late and Open Minded!!☆

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  1. ♡Dominant or Submissive♡ Anything's a possibility when we get together online. I would love to cure our boredom together and play out your hot fantasies.. I cant wait to hear your dirty fantasies and tell you all of mine. I'm openminded and available anytime day or night. Book an appointment for an online date and theres no suggestion or request I wouldn't at least consider 😉 Text me at 9029009207 to set up a time 😉 Xx
  2. ☆Online Entertainment ☆

    Text me at 9029009207 to make your appointment or order a personalized video 😉

    ♡Roleplaying and fantasy chats. Order a personalized VIP video for your eyes only'' direct and dictate the scene. 

    ♡Also an option for some; come see me for a live show.. let me watch you squirm while you watch me.

    Socially acceptable distance between us can make for a pretty fun time if you want to explore something new with No touching.

    Masks available for that doctor fantasy too 😉

    ◇Text chats' Video calls' Voice calls'

    Personalized videos for your eyes only 

    ◇Mutual masturbation relaxation experience 😉 '


  3. Relaxation Therapy! Catered to your needs! Message for more details 😉
  4. Relaxation Therapy! Catered to your needs! Message for more details 😉
  5. Relaxation Therapy! Catered to your needs! Message for more details 😉
  6. ☆ Alternative Relaxation ☆

    Bored like me, please ask me about alternative relaxation techniques. 

    Video chats available!! 

    😉 xx



  7. ♡ Early Morning Massage Special! ♡ Looks like alot of us have some time off in the next couple weeks so save your self from the boring long days and treat yourself to a relaxing massage! ☆☆Save $20 on every service!☆☆ I have experience and training in relaxation massage. And an open minded attitude! Come relax in a clean home and enjoy some pampering! 100/hh 160/hr or 160/hh 240/hr Text me at 9029009207 for more info!
  8. ♡Treat Your Wife or Girlfriend♡ ●Ever thought of couples massage? Back to back, watch or help out with extra hands. ●Let me teach you where and how to touch... and afterwards I can teach her on you for added benefit when you go home haha. Or be the instructor yourself and dictate to or teach me. ☆Options available for massage swap;massage your masseuse 😉 Always open to a good rub down myself 😉 ◇Whatever your or her needs, feel free to inquire about your particular interests or concerns. ●100% discreet and private. Text me at 9029009207 for more information or to book! 😉
  9. ♡Open Late! Relaxation Massage ♡ ◇Luxurious Full Body Massage!◇ Cant sleep? Come see me! I'll help you relax and take all your worries away! ☆Ask about my late night massage specials and discounts! Catered massage specials just for your needs!☆ ~Discreet and private! ◇With donations and hours as flexible as your masseuse!! ◇ **Text me at 9029009207 for questions and to book!** Open late and open minded!
  10.            ♡Late Night Luxury♡

     ~~Open late and open minded, services catered to your needs~~

    ☆☆With hours as flexible as your provider!☆☆

    ●Donations can be discussed over texting but minimum starts at $100. 

    ●Training and experience with relaxation massage, effluerage and pressure point!

     ♡♡ Text me with your screen name/name at 9029009207 for more details! ♡♡


  11. ☆This weekend only☆ Duo massage special. My sexy friend and I would love to give you the best relaxation massage you can dream of. Shes a little spicy and I'm a little sweet, no better combination! ♡Come see us for this limited time shes available! You wont be disappointed! ~Please text me at 9029009207 with any questions or for further details!~
  12. ♡Foot Fetish- Womens Underwear ♡ ~Fulfill your foot fantasy. Perfectly pedicured. Smooth and sparkling! Tell me what you want and let me help you fulfill your fantasy! ~Assortment of women's underwear! Ask me for more details! **Open minded and open late!** Text me at 9029009207 😉 xx
  13. Late Nights and Early Mornings!

      ~ Enjoy a relaxing erotic massage!

            Open late and open minded,            services catered to your needs! 

           With hours as flexible as your                            masseuse 😉


          ♡ Text me with your screen               name/name at 9029009207!


  14. ♡Sensual Massage Specialist♡ ◇Open Late and Open Minded◇ ♤Come enjoy a relaxing full body massage with a guarantee you'll leave 'happy'! ☆Fully trained and experienced in relaxation massage, with a little twist 😉 ♤Let me help you release all your stress in a private and professional environment. ☆Enjoy the view while you're entire body is slowly massaged with options to suit your personal needs or desires. ♡♡Currently teaching my very beautiful friend Tiara the art of effluerage massage! *If you're interested in assisting us please ask about the 2 for 1 Special. ☆Only offered for a short time! 😉
  15. ♡Open Late & Open Minded Professional Relaxation Massage♡


    ♡$100  Full Body Massage♡

    ◇$150 Full Body Massage Plus◇

    ☆Relax and leave happy☆

    Text for more info: 902-900-9207

    Discreet, private, massage services!