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  1. I enthusiastically agree with the above sentiments, Alycia is stunningly beautiful. Surely one of Monreal's great natural wonders 🤩 Super smart, likes to chat and has a very sweet French accent.
  2. It's been almost a year since I shared anything about moments I spend with Sarah with everyone here in Lyla so I figured this is a good time as any. I see Sarah occasionally, not as often I'd like, but when I can. I enjoy our conversations more and more these days. She has a variety of interests and ideas and is a wonderful listener - she indulges me as I share snippets of my life and the way I look at the world. Sort of intellectual foreplay I guess. I have become more and more comfortable around her and always leave her feeling like I just had a real experience. I suspect that is what she strives for and genuinely wants you to feel great throughout your time with her and well, for me, that feeling always stays with me well after I leave. Sarah, for those of you who haven't yet had the joy of meeting, is beautiful, smart, sexy, full of passion and is lots of naughty fun. For those who take the time to respect her screening wishes, the reward is more than worth the effort. She always treats me like a king. She is full of intense sexual energy and easily adjusts to my rythym, wants and needs. In all the times I have visited her, I have never gotten the sense she is tracking time - she always seems more interested in giving and pleasing to notice.
  3. I have not met either you, Allie, nor Stephanie, in person but anyone with any emotional intelligence can see that you are both kind and beautiful people. I love this impromptu blog you have here Allie. Even though I am saddened by your current situation, you are such a wonderful reminder to us hobbyists that there is always a human face behind the fantasy. I feel so privileged to have the opportunity to spend brief moments with people like you, who share space, time and intimacy with me. Women are amazing gifts to this world, as we all are in our own way, but coming from a heterosexual male perspective, I can think of very few things I love more - the inner and outer beauty of a woman. Thank you for yet another profound and sweet reminder of why I love hobbying ❤
  4. Ha ha, on one of the profiles its says Breasts: 2 This site has two legitimate SPs although I have never visited them (Cristy and Sierra) so I couldn't say if someone has lifted their information as part of a scam. Cristy has her own website so you could find out more there, Others here might know more about Sierra., The other profiles look tgtbt. If it were me, I would proceed with caution. As with any site, including leolist, try to find more information about the SP of interest. Hope that helps a bit.
  5. Zora you are a one of a kind, beautiful person inside and out ❤
  6. Niya could also be what you are looking for - 6' LL post at the moment is for online services only but also hosts in person on occasion.
  7. Was passing through Moncton the other day and on a whim, decided to stop in and see Dawn. I did so based on the reviews above so thanks Lyla! Dawn is all of the above and for me - more. She has her own special charm and makes you feel instantly at ease. I always lean toward the intimacy you can achieve in a GFE but that can be difficult to find. Dawn exceeded my expectations - she is fun, sexy, pretty and makes you feel very desirable. I also loved the way she let her pretty long hair down part way through our visit. My only regret is that I don't live in Moncton because just once with her is no where near enough! Thanks so much Dawn, you are an absolute treat, and you are so very lovely!
  8. Hi, can anyone share any recent experiences with the following ladies: https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/ottawa_1_ukrainian_goddess_rileyy_duos_available-6836277?source=list https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/ottawa_tia_petite_brunette_tight_and_wet_plateau_incall_xo-6881821?source=list Thanks in advance!
  9. I've recently been able to reconnect with Sarah - covid has put a total wrench into life so it was a while since I last saw her. For any of you who haven't met her yet, or anyone still sitting on the fence - what are you waiting for? Communication is smooth and professional. Her incall is private, clean and cozy - parking is not a problem. Sarah is exceptionally warm, welcoming and genuine, as smart as she is funny, lovely inside and out, oh soooo sexy and makes sure you are the only person that matters when you are with her. Thanks Sarah for always making me feel special and for putting a little bounce in my step every time i see you!
  10. Sorry that happened to you and equally grateful you shared because you are most likely saving others from a very bad experience.
  11. Melanie Rose, SarahAlexxx and Ivona Fox have already been noted in this thread for good reason. They are simply amazing human beings...we are truly blessed here on the East Coast!
  12. For some I think, the element of risk is an aphrodisiac...
  13. She posted on leolist a few hours ago: https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/moncton_140_00_hh_christmas_special_tonight_only-6234200?source=list Good luck!
  14. Exotic Touch Danielle has wonderful curves in all the right places and she is also a well established member of this community. I think you would be very happy if you were able to find time to spend with her. You will have no problem finding her here or on leolist. I'm pretty sure there are other great local providers who also align with your preferences so I don't want to slight anyone in only highlighting Danielle. Others may want to weigh in. Best of luck in your adventures!
  15. I've made a few mistakes over the years in my communications with SPs, no one is perfect, but I've always tried to be respectful. Two things I know for sure is that SPs have a job that society frowns upon and have a job for which us men in particular, have zero appreciation for. We should be supporting SPs on this board, even if we don't necessarily agree with their point of view. If you have been around long enough, it is likely you have been ghosted, scammed, robbed or threatened with violence as a client but I can't even begin to imagine what SPs have gone through when dates go bad. Not to mention the verbal/mental abuse they have to put with in what should be straightforward and respectful communication. I have been very selective over the years and do my best not to waste anyone's time and because of that, I know that it would be pointless for me to contact Daysha - as she is out of my price range atm, and likely doesn't offer what I am specifically looking for in an encounter. Daysha is gorgeous and no doubt would rock my world if I ever did meet her but since I have other options that meet my interests I chose not to waste either her time or mine. Above all, I for one, am sad to see SPs feeling like they have to defend each other in this thread. Maybe in the future, people should ask questions before jumping to conclusions. That might have changed peoples understanding of where she was coming from and what prompted her to post her point of view in the first place. Daysha obviously was frustrated enough by what she was experiencing to take the time to voice her perspective and wanted to have some open and respectful dialogue in addition to maybe gaining a bit of support and understanding from this community for what she has been experiencing.
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