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  1. Bahahha by all means be my guest 😂 although I think the last two years she’s packed on a few extra Lbs and gained a couple dependants lol
  2. In fairness while I agree it’s not nice to lie about stats , my ex girlfriend floated between 150-175 lbs and maintained a 38 DDD the whole time
  3. That would be amazing , would love to see you
  4. Are there any verified ladies from this board currently in Saint John today? There seems to be all fakes and non verified ads on leolist. Would like to spend some time tonight with a quality provider but that seems to be a daunting task lol
  5. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/saint_john_beautiful_brook_is_back_saint_john-6098568 Any guys out there that can give this lady a review? I know she usually posts in Fredericton. Just curious if anyone can say one way or another . TIA
  6. Was wondering if any of you fine gents had the chance to meet with Jayla ?
  7. Hey everyone, I’m seeking a very busty SP , I have an itch that I need to take care of as it’s been awhile, looking for ladies with DD or bigger... please everyone feel free to respond to this thread or send me a DM. Looking for SJ mainly but could potentially travel.. thank you in advance for your responses
  8. Can someone with info pm me please? Looking to book with her
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